Friday, January 28, 2011

Gayong Returns

            After a weekend relieved, I am back to the usual routine. That day in the evening on our way to a mall at Limerick, Cikgu Anuar received a call from Malaysian Hall representative informing him that Silat Seni Gayong were needed for a demonstration. Immediately we contacted Ferdaus president of Gayong club RCSI to prepared for the event. We only need about 4 person to performed on that day.The performance are for inaugurated ceremony for "Rakan Muda" event, that was launch by Malaysian Embassy at Dublin.

Gayong Demonstration
Introduction For Kids Before The Event

             The event are supposed to start at 2pm, and me and Cikgu Anuar need to be at Dublin early for that purposes.After an arrangement made for baby sitting his children and all his house need we are ready for that journey. Dublin is not near it will take two hour drive from Limerick. Before we leave the next day we have to conduct a Gayong class in Limerick. The class was in the evening around 2pm to 4pm. We will spend one day at Dublin purposely for that event. For us this is the chance to collaborated with Malaysian Hall and grateful for their cooperation and assistance when applying to RCSI to reactivated  Gayong club there.

            After class of Silat Seni Gayong we make our moved to Dublin. It was very cold that evening and winter just started about three weeks. We didn't expected that its going to snow on that evening. It was informed by Mike earlier that it was already snowing when he is on the way for training. We are not expecting its going to be heavy. We drove carefully because the road is slippery and Cikgu Anuar must be really cautious. Once a while the steering goes wild due to the icy road. As for the weather conditions is not that good so we reached Dublin late than usual. It was a fighting with the snow along the way that make us moving like a snail. Anyway we arrived safely at Dublin and went straight ahead to Griffith Colleage to spend our night there.

Making Sure Everything Is In Order

          The next morning we have to gather at Malaysian Hall to be brought to the opening place. Its not only Silat Seni Gayong will participate in the event , there's also other Malaysian club at Dublin will be there as well. There will be an exhibition about Malaysia and will be done at a school hall. The guest of Honor for the event will be The Mayor of Dublin. Upon reached the hall preparations made and I asked the boys to get ready for the demonstration. They made a few rehearsal and are  ready for action. It was early when we reached the hall and most of the other club members were Malaysian students at Dublin working together to make sure the event successful. Finally the event start in the afternoon and everything goes as planned and thumbs up to the performer. It was again a successful performance.After the event completed we made our trip back to Limerick. It was rushing all the way and a race with the snow just for making sure Silat Seni Gayong can be implemented. Although it was a exhausted day but the satisfaction are more than it is.

Another Gayong Memories After The Demonstration

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