Thursday, June 28, 2012

Touch Of The Dragon 2

I was wondering while looking thru the window thinking whether to continue my writing on nerves system in the concept of Silat Seni Gayong. Let’s go a little bit further on this chapter. In my previous writing I have elaborated the points on the arm beginning from the middle finger to the elbow. Now, I will share the nerves point that surrounding the leg.

There are 21 nerve points on that area. We must remember that all the nerves system if applied correctly can stop any movement. If in a locking technique the application make the whole area stop instantly and feeling like the hand as an example was gone. The touch will make everything stop and your mind will be concentrating on the area that been touch. The spirit of countering faded away because of the stopping made by the touch.

It rewind in my mind when been lock by the founder, although he hold your hand but the feeling is up to the shoulder and like you losing everything. The application is just on a training mode, if it applied in a defence mode it can paralysed the whole system that been touch. 

Some Nerve Points On The Leg

The first glance we may say it is just like a show or if we watch a Kung Fu movie we will say this is ridiculous. It goes for me when the first time I saw it and from that day I realised that what I saw really exist.

Now we know some of the points to do the touch, but do we really know where the correct point and correct way to touch it. It might be by striking and might be by locking. This techniques we cannot learn by reading, it must be conducted and taught by a person who really have the knowledge. In a simple way it must be learn with a teacher or instructor. The touch from the knowledgeable teacher will be a guide to you the correct way and exact touch point. As we called it been a punching bag is better than looking at it, because the punching bag feel everything that goes through it.

As I mentioned in my previous writing that if there is venom there’s cure, so does these techniques. There are in Malay we called it “petua” avoiding this from happening. If you apply the”petua” you will not get harm from it. There are “petua” when you getting lock you will manage the strangled without feeling pain.  

We are famous with our philosophies, “Gayong Bersahut Kata Bersambut “. In all aspects of Gayong these verb applies. Think deeply what it really meaning.

May we gain all our dreams and be blessed. Amin

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pertama Dan Terakhir

Selepas pemergian Almarhum Dato Meor pada 23 Jun 1991, buat pertama kalinya pengkhataman keris dilaksanakan tanpa beliau. Pengkhataman Keris ini diketuai oleh Arwah Cikgu Kalsom sebagai Waris Mutlak kepada Almarhum Mahaguru Silat Seni Gayong. Pengkhataman dijalankan di Pengkalan Balak , Melaka pada 13-15 Jun, 1997. Semasa program ini diadakan pelbagai aktiviti dijalankan bersama . Mandi minyak, syafaat wujud,penyampaian bengkong, demonstrasi dan acara utamanya pengkhataman Seni Keris.

Penanda jalan diletakkan disetiap simpang dari Masjid Tanah hingga ke tempat acara. Chalet penginapan di Pengkalan Balak keseluruhannya ditempah untuk ahli Gayong.Ahli jawatankuasa kerja pengkhataman telah mula berada disitu mulai dari hari Jumaat. Pada hari Sabtu kesemua perserta mendaftarkan diri dan berkumpul untuk acara pengkhataman yang akan berlangsung pada hari Ahad.

Pada malam Ahad acara mandi minyak memulai program , dengan penyediaan empat kawah. Tiga kawah untuk perserta lelaki dan satu kawah untuk perserta wanita. Setiap kawah diketuai oleh seorang Dalang Mandi Minyak.Kawah pertama diketuai oleh Cikgu Muhammad Mohd Nor dari Melaka, Kawah kedua di ketuai oleh Cikgu Radzwan Razak dari Selangor, Kawah ketiga diketuai oleh Cikgu Kamaruddin Abdullah dari Selangor dan kawah keempat diketuai oleh Cikgu Sani Morni dari Selangor.Kawah yang mula-mula sekali dicelup minyaknya adalah kawah Cikgu Muhammad diikuti kawah Cikgu Radzwan, Cikgu Sani dan akhir sekali kawah Cikgu Kamaruddin.

Khatam Seni Keris 1997

Keesokan harinya acara utama iaitu pengkhataman keris dilaksanakan.Disertai dengan penuh adat-istiadat ia disempunakan oleh Arwah Cikgu Kalsom keatas hampir 70 orang peserta.Peserta ini telah mengikuti latihan kursus Seni Keris hampir dua bulan di Pusat Sukan Kampung Pandan, Kuala Lumpur. Mereka menerima latihan Seni Keris dari Cikgu Kamaruddn Abdullah dan Cikgu Radzwan Razak.Pada masa hari pengkhataman itu semua peserta kursus menerima buah tikaman akhir iaitu buah 21 dan sempurnalah pengkhataman Seni Keris tersebut.

Selesai majlis pengkhataman acara penyampaian bengkong pula dijalankan. Penerima bengkong terdiri Bengkong Hitam Harimau Pelangi Chula Sakti, Bengkong Pelangi Kuning dan Bengkong Pelangi Merah.

Setelah semuanya selesai acara syafaat wujud dilakukan pula.Ia dijalankan oleh 7 orang. Syafaat Wujud ini adalah pembuangan jarum dari perlimau tapak dan seni setiap anak Gayong. Apa yang diberitahu pada kami jarum ini telah dikumpul semenjak dari tahun 60an lagi.Pembuangan jarum ini dilakukan ditengah laut.

Kesemua acara telah berjaya dan selamat disempurnakan dan ia meninggalkan nostalgia pada yang terlibat kerana itulah satu-satunya majlis pengkhataman Keris yang djalankan oleh Arwah Cikgu Siti Kalsom dan pertama kalinya tanpa bersama Almarhum Dato Meor. Selepas pada itu majlis pengkhataman ini kebanyakannya dijalankan oleh mereka-mereka yang mempunyai tauliah untuk penyempurnaannya selepas kembali Arwah Cikgu Siti Kalsom ,Waris Mutlak Silat Seni Gayong kerahmattullah.

Semoga roh  Zuriat –zuriat Silat Seni Gayong,Almarhum Dato Meor dan beliau dicucuri rahmat.Amin

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Touch Of The Dragon

It has been a long time that I did not share the technique in my writing. It reminds me of the old school training where you have to be very strongly patient. If compared with today style of training I sometimes felt jealous because of the rapid systems in teaching the techniques. Figured in my mind it is a trend of the world. Everyone need to be trendy, if not you are considered conservatives. The good and better of the old school systems is that you really got mastered every inch of the techniques been taught and I am very proud of it and it really paid.

The techniques I wanted to share here is about the nerves from the perspective of Silat Seni Gayong. I have written about the nerves before but it just as an introduction. I would like to elaborate more on this ancient style of the Malay especially in Silat Seni Gayong.It took me two solid years to train and understand of the system and techniques. Only a few had this kind of knowledge and I am considered lucky to be granted and had a chance to be taught of the secret.

In Silat Seni Gayong there are 15 points of nerve counted from the middle fingers to the elbow on each arm. That doesn’t count the points on the whole arm, body, leg and so on. It’s like learning acupuncture and it is not easy to master it. I have taught this nerve technique and points to my senior and trusted student. It takes years for them to really get to feel the art and really manage to perform it.

Some Nerve Point On The Arm

In Silat Seni Gayong the nerves systems are applied in the locking and striking techniques. With one snap of the techniques it could drop the opponent and this is really a highly skill knowledge. But you must not forget that the nerves techniques is also can be applied for reconstructed cure due to the striking or locking application. In the nerves system we have the venom and we have the cure.

The best thing about these techniques you can feel the nerves point through your fingers when you touch any spot of the system. You can select like a computer what kind of feeling that you gone to deliver. If you wanted the person to laugh you just snap on the laugh nerves and if you wanted him to piss you just look for the piss nerves. I remembered once it was demo by the great founder the late Dato Meor Abdul Rahman at one afternoon in his house, where he used only two fingers to the back palm that makes one student getting pissed. And from that moment deeply inside me vision of mastering these nerves techniques passionaly and there am I achieved my dreams of live time.

This technique is not to play around with, because it is very dangerous and wrongly doing it can get someone kill. You must really know where the deadly touch is and where are the cure touch and the touch for demo purposes. All of it has own functions. I name and term this deadly touch as “Touch of The Dragon”.

Yeah! When talking about the dragon, remind us of the emblem, there the dragon stand. What really is the dragon, can we figured it out? It is more than the dragon that ruled the sea. This dragon touch is everything; it is the core and heart of the art. The lethal stand on it, like a tiger when doing the killing we really can see the fangs struck to the vain of the neck or throat of the prey but when the pray is dead it doesn’t leave any imprint or blood stained from the strangled. We only can see blood when the tiger do striking not strangling. That’s kind of lethal application is really Silat Seni Gayong that should be knowledge to all the practitioners. As usual there are many practitioners but there only a few that really can be name as the experts. We have to accept this and we hope that we are in that category. 

May we have all the strength and blessing to conquering this lethal art? Amin.

Monday, June 25, 2012


“Wan.. ingat..., apa pun berlaku jangan tinggalkan Gayong.....walaupun tinggal sorang”, ucapan Arwah Cikgu Kalsom pada aku. Mengambil dari amanah yang disampaikan oleh beliau apa pun kemelut dalaman Gayong, aku pasti akan kekal dan berjuang bersamanya.Apabila teringat kata-kata ini terkenang pula ucapan yang disampaikan oleh Almarhum Dato Meor Abdul Rahman sekitar tahun akhir 80 an, “anak.. ingat... musuh adalah dikalangan kamu sendiri...orang luar tak berani gugat Gayong ini.”

Almarhum Dato Meor Abdul Rahman

Pesanan-pesanan ini bermain dalam fikiran ku! Apakah sebenarnya yang hendak disampaikan. Setelah sekian lama berjuang dalam Gayong ini dan pernah menjadi AJK kebangsaan PSSGM beberapa tahun barulah aku digegarkan dengan apa maksudnya walaupun sebelum ini aku hanya menghindarkan apa yang berlaku disekeliling keluarga Gayong ini.

“Apa pun yang berlaku sekali sudah melangkah, melangkah terus, jangan undur”, kata-kata pengamal Gayong yang mula-mula sekali di Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor yang namanya terpaksa aku rahsiakan. Beliaulah yang menjemput Almarhum Dato Meor dari Singapura untuk mengenal dan mengembangkan Gayong di Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor pada ketika akhir 50an.

Arwah Cikgu Siti Kalsom

Mengambil pesanan dan semangat dari kata-kata mereka ini, Gayong harus diteruskan walau apa pun melanda. Pesanan lain juga bermain dalam fikiran ku!, “ satu masa Gayong ini akan porak peranda”, kata-kata yang disampaikan oleh Almarhum Dato Meor, “ sehingga satu ketika akan datang zuriat Gayong menuntut akan Gayong ini barulah ia akan bercantum”, sambung kata Almarhum pada kami.

Pesanan ini juga aku dengar dari Arwah Pak Rashid iaitu anak murid yang dikira kanan pada Almarhum Meor Aziz semasa aku berjumpa dengannya disuatu majlis pernikahan anak saudaranya suatu ketika dahulu. Katanya Arwah Meor Aziz pernah berpesan padanya sebagaimana pesanan Almarhum Dato Meor pada ku.

Arwah Cikgu Pak Rashid

Terlalu banyak pesanan yang disampaikan dan semua pesanan ini membawa erti dan sejarah yang berlaku dalam keluarga Gayong ini. Dimanakah persaudaraan kita?Apakah falsafah yang dikatakan sebagai contoh cubit paha kanan paha kiri terasa,sedarah, sedaging, sekendi .....sudah tidak releven lagi atau hanya kita yang tidak faham akan apa yang dikatakan GAYONG itu.

Berlegar-legar memahami situasi sekarang dan teringat pula pesanan oleh Almarhum tentang hasad dengki, kuasa , tamak ahmak yang disertai dengan pantun keramatnya itu. Mungkin kita sekadar membaca tetapi kita mungkin tidak faham maksudnya atau mungkin kita dilupakan atau mungkin kita hanya berkata dengan gahnya! Tapi hanyalah sebagai kata-kata seolah ucapan politik.

Apapun setiap insan punyai pandangan yang berbeza dan untuk menyatukan pandangan ini adalah amat sukar jika kita masih diselubungi kekaburan dalam diri kita. Yang penting saling bantu membantu agar matlamat yang dihajati dapat dicapai. Tapi dalam proses ini akan terjadi kekadang kita bersikap negative kerana mungkin kita takut pada diri kita sendiri kerana kita tidak memahami Gayong ini walaupun kita katakan yang kita amat mengetahuinya. Bukan senang untuk menjadi si arifbillah tapi amat senang unuk menjadi pengamal, keduanya adalah amat banyak perbezaannya.

Apa pun pesanan yang disampaikan oleh mereka-mereka ini adalah perkara yang perlu kita fikirkan secara mendalam terutama pada DIRI AKU sendiri kerana banyak rahsia yang tersurat dan tersirat supaya menjadi teladan pada kita yang berjuang atas nama Gayong.

Semoga aku diberkati serta saudara ku! dalam Gayong juga diberkati.AMIN

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Only Who Knows Can Prevail

 Through years of training and sharing, passing the knowledge from generations to another for the beloved art Silat Seni Gayong. It suddenly jumping into my mind what makes us different from the others. Different in the sense of the art, the techniques, the teaching, the philosophies or anything related.

 If we watch many videos uploaded in the internet does we notice any different our art from others? The techniques perhaps, maybe there are different but in what ground? 

I come across one photo while reading randomly in one of martial arts leading magazaine, Samurai. They portray a technique shown by a martial art name Aikido, originated from Japan. It seems familiar when I go through the pages I realise that the technique shown are similar as what we have in Silat Seni  Gayong.  As we call and name it “sawa berendam” or sinking python in our art.

Photo From Samurai Magazine

Sawa Berendam

 If we watch the photo clearly, there are joint technique applied which are common in our system. But the question is what makes us different? Don’t take a count on the sitting position on the photo but take a consideration technique that applied. If we focus on the photo we can notice, the joint lock, a sitting position of continuing, perhaps sitting position as what we usually did in ending the deadly locking or maybe a “pecahan” or various position in ending. 

When I saw the photo it makes me realised that we must be humble in any ways. It is not what you learn but it is what you know and what you understand from the learning. We don’t want to spend our lives learning things that we don’t understand and feel proud of it. What we wanted is totally understanding of the art until the core roots in order to answer differentiate. That’s why it always stresses by the founder; learn Silat Seni Gayong not Silat Gayong. It brings many meaning in it and only who knows can prevail. 

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