Sunday, June 26, 2011

Keris Pendawa Lima

            Keris Pendawa Lima as it was named is the keris of the late founder Dato Meor Abdul Rahman of Silat Seni Gayong. A keris with a beautiful handcraft which was decorated with shining stones on the holder. Unfortunately all those are history to the new members of Silat Seni Gayong because the keris was missing somewhere in the seventies. 

            The sad day happen at a hotel in Chow Kit after the late founder performing the initiation ceremony and since that day it was never seen again. Although searches were made of finding back the keris but all the hoping turn frustrated and sad.

            The unique,Keris Pendawa Lima also used as a tool to medication purposes and cures with the blessing of the AlMighty. With the lost of the keris it means a missing of another precious tradition in Silat Seni Gayong which was known as “mandi Keris Pendawa Lima”. 

The Legendary Keris Taming Sari

            For those who had visited the founder house during his days and if are lucky will be asked to take this bath tradition. The ceremony was conducted in a pool which located not far from the house. Entering from another end and exit to the other end.

            If we are in Taiping today we can still see remain of the pool where the bath ceremony usually were conduct. The bath so symbolically and significantly in retaining the spirit from the founder descendent keris.

           It was a tragic moment when lost of the keris and a miss and tradition only can be told in stories rather than seeing with on eyes. A precious tradition were lost and hoping that other Silat Seni Gayong tradition were remain intact and preserved for the next generations. Together we preserved the remaining tradition and may it be preserved as it is.Silat Seni Gayong a Malay art with rich full of magnificence and beauty culture to be protect.

                                            Meredah Belukar Di Sungai Dua,
                                            Condong  Hala Ke Mentari,
                                            Sedih Di hati Tidak Bersua,
                                            Tinggal Kenangan Didalam Hati.

Friday, June 24, 2011

In Brief Khatam Seni Keris

            The accomplishments of Seni Keris in Silat Seni Gayong were performed at sea. Before performing this ceremony a preparations must be made to fulfil the requirements of the event. Since that the ceremony are a tradition in Silat Seni Gayong a well planned and preparations had to be made.

            In accordance, matter such as palm top ( pucuk kelapa) , areca nut ( buah pinang) , betel nut ( sirih), clove (gambir ), lime (kapor ), yellow string at sea and at land ( tali kuning didarat dan laut), Malay cakes ( kuih Melayu 7 jenis), Flowers ( bunga 7 jenis), candles ( lilin) , chicken, yellow sticky rice ( pulut kuning)  are a few of the necessity for the event.

Surrender The Yellow Strings

            After all the requirements had been fulfil a ceremony of seeking permission to execute the event will be conducted. After the permission were granted the students had to tied the yellow strings at sea and land according to the old tips ( petua). Each single participant in the ceremony takes position forward towards the leader of the event and were given with the entire necessary item for the ceremonies. After tepung tawar  ( fresh powder) the participant are ready to move to the sea. But before that they have to light up the candle.

Waiting To be Tepung tawar

            When they turn their face towards the sea there are not permitted to turn back and a steps were made for the ceremony leading by a woman participant towards the sea. In the sea they have to circle the yellow strings for seven times and after the event, facing the sea and submerge for seven times while throwing the flower and palm top towards the sea. After all this etiquette has been performed they return to the shore and were taught the last techniques of Seni Keris.

Moving Towards The Sea

Lead By a Woman

            In this brief information I hope all the practitioners have some pictures of how the accomplishments of Seni Keris been performed and a preservation of the tradition that were passed through generations should be maintained. There are too many symbolic hidden in the ceremony and only who knows will get the rewards. I summoned to all Silat Seni Gayong members let us preserved our tradition as it was passed to us by the founder through generations.

                                           “ Seni Keris tapak pahlawan,
                                             Langkah seni hulubalang Melayu,
                                             Adat dan adab kekal ditawan,
                                             Agar Melayu kekal berpadu.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ilmu dan Petua

            Knowledge and tips ( Ilmu dan petua) in Silat Seni Gayong are various. The most important thing in this section is, how well verse us in the knowledge and tips. In Silat Seni Gayong every each practise are combining of the two, knowledge and tips. Without it, the applications of the practise are like dull or missing some ingredients in it. 

             I would like to share some example in this manner. When a qualified person performing or preparing the boiling oil he must be equip with the knowledge and tips. He must know when it is the time to dye his hand in the boiling oil or what kind of different conditions happen and things to do when handling this event and at the end it was closed with reciting some prayers which we called as knowledge or ilmu, where else earlier it was terms as tips or petua.

            All those kind of combinations is a must in the art of Silat Seni Gayong. In all aspect of the movements in Silat Seni Gayong there are knowledge and tips. Again an example in the art of weapons, a tip of application in making the weapons can be used to an invulnerable is by stabbing to the ground and with reciting some versus as knowledge.

             Even if we are making our way to a destination, performing a martial arts demonstration, instructing a class, meeting people and all aspects of life there are always a tips and knowledge. With this entire manner the practitioners of Silat Seni Gayong are well equip with all sort of knowledge in order for them to be a perfect warrior. Those practises are passed from generation and preserved within the community of Silat Seni Gayong as an ancient art of Malay warrior. 

             Tips are various, some are from what we observe and some are from what we feel. For an example of what we feel are from famous Gayong art of feeling , if there is a bad luck going to happen ,which by sliding them palm to the arms and hear the sound of the friction or in Gayong we terms it as “gersik di pantai”. And all this will follow by reciting some prayer as what we called as “langkah hulubalang”.

             Whilst an example of tips that we observe are as such the movements of the silat practitioners in applying their movements generally whether application of some mystical movements will be made or not and if things are considered as a threat a preparations of countering must be made by a tips and knowledge.
 In brief, in Silat Seni Gayong there are full of colours of tips and knowledge and every single practitioner must take the opportunity to understand this Malay belief in a preparation of being a true Malay warrior.

                                         “Ilmu Dan Petua Tidak Dapat Dipisahkan”

                                              Langkah laksamana meredah benua,
                                              Mencari penawar serba guna,
                                              Jikalau diamal ilmu dan petua,
                                              Rahsia yang ada tidak berguna , 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Seni Sundang Lipas

            Seni Sundang Lipas is an art of weapon in the training of Silat Seni Gayong. These arts are paired with the sarong which was terms as cindai. Sundang as we called it was terms as a sabre of the Malay Bugis and Malay Sulu and widely used in the Sulawesi and the island of Sulu. The known sundang are called Keris Sundang which is designed as keris but bigger and longer.

            Whilst the sundang had been used in Silat Seni Gayong are called Sundang Lipas. These sabre has two types, one is with a one hand holding while the other one is with both hand. The length of the Sundang Lipas is measure from the head of individual size. The Sundang Lipas had two blades from each side and are used for cutting. The Sundang Lipas are used for flip and it is not meant for stabbing.

The Late Founder With Sundang Lipas

            The Sundang Lipas is tied with the sarong and are used whether at side or at the back in a perfect knot. In training of perfection of the art, a banana stem was used to train in cutting and speed of the movements.  It is a dangerous art which all the cut are jeopardising the opponent and the movements are all killing movements. 

Sundang Lipas and Sarong As The Holder

            There are seven type of holding a Sundang Lipas in Silat Seni Gayong and all the movements are based on speed and accuracy and for that it was called Sundang Lipas. The sundang Lipas are specially designed with a kind of “moustache” at the edge of the blade before the holder. At the end of the blade the shape are “U” shape and the size of the blade are approximately three and a half fingers wide.

Sundang Lipas Tied at The Back

            The art of Sundang Lipas are highly preserved and been taught as one of the higher weapons techniques in this ancient art. It’s normal for most of the art in Silat Seni Gayong the etiquette are well taken care of and accompanying this art are the practise which has to be recite when trained in this Seni Sundang Lipas art.

             It was a sad and pity for those who didn’t get a correct designed and techniques of the art because it was mistaken understanding that the art was similar with the art of machete, where totally the truly art are different and the techniques are more awesome from other blade art. May we have the blessing in preserving this ancient art of Seni Sundang Lipas.

                    " Sundang Lipas Nama Di Gelar"
                      Asal Dari Melayu Bugis
                      Silap Serang Berkelar-kelar
                      Cantas Sendi Tanpa Tangis"

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seni Keris - An Introduction Of The Tradition

            Seni Keris Tapak Pahlawan, that’s how it was terms for the art of Seni Keris in Silat Seni Gayong. Keris is traditional Malay weapons and has act as a must to Malay. In Silat Seni Gayong ,Keris was teach in a very customary etiquette. Before going for any Keris training a custom event was perform that lead until the end of the whole training ended up in a ceremony terms as “Khatam Keris” which was performed at sea.

Keris The Malay Dagger

            Keris is handle in a method of thrust which the hand must be twist while performing the act. Unlike knife where else the method are straight without twisting. Because, a mistake which was made in training where the different of Keris and Knife techniques are misunderstanding. 

            The art of Seni Keris ,consists the movements, avoiding techniques, locking techniques, thrust techniques and a steps which was terms as” langkah pahlawan”. In performing Seni Keris the movements of “langkah” are so orderly and polite, while the thrust are so fast and energetic. It reflect the politeness of the Malay in their social life even if end up in a fight they still having the politeness and reflect that fighting is not the way of settling things.

Keris Training

             In Silat Seni Gayong the art of Keris should be teach from the way of holding a Keris. When holding a Keris a thumb must be press on the dagger which near the hilt. The “Sarong Keris “or the Keris holder where we put the Keris in also can be used as a weapons and avoiding method. While tugging a Keris on the waist has the etiquette of doing it, if the hilt are facing forward that’s means we are preparing for a fight while turning the hilt backward showing that we are respecting each other and some time the Keris were hide in the “samping” (a Malay costumed that bound on the waist) especially when making an appearance in front of the King.

Khatam Keris

             In Silat Seni Gayong performing Seni keris must be followed by “tapak Yoi’ and without this steps you are considered not learning the way of the Keris accordingly and perfectly. Every time when we take a Keris out from it casing a kiss should be apply to the Keris because that is the customary behaviour of the mystical Keris. Pulling a Keris out from its casing must be done fully and not half way because that’s the etiquette of handling the weapons.

             Overall Keris is full of customary etiquette that reflect the politeness of the Malay and with this basics elaborations I hope it can give some idea about Seni Keris in Silat Seni Gayong which are rich with ancient and full of tradition.

                                                  “Ancient Art With Full Of Mystery”

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Syed Zainal AlAttas

            Every Muslim students of Silat Seni Gayong read Quran versus before start their training. From the reading if there is a blessing and rewards awarded to Syed Zainal and many others. As I been told by the great founder that Syed Zainal is his grandfather from his mother side where he learned silat, was originated from Pekan , Pahang. It’s a city of the Royal where the King ruling the states living there. According to the story told Syed Zainal was a headman in Pekan in the 18 centuries. When Pahang was been occupied by the colonial British, Syed Zainal and many Pahang warrior such as Mat Kilau, Tok Gajah,Bahaman and many others fought and opposed of the occupation. Since then they are a refuge because they fought the occupation and Syed Zainal ran and hiding in Bota , Perak. 

             From this story I made my journey to track down the descendents of Syed Zainal. It was late eighties, I make my trip up to Pekan for two times and on the first trip it was a failure. I am lucky when I got hold a man which name started by Sheikh and manage to track the Syed Zainal relatives. The journey brought me to Pahang Tua, an old village in Pekan. At that time I am looking for a man by the name of Syed as well, which I am sorry not to reveal his full name because I have promised not to do so. 

             When meeting this old man and start asking a few questions he was quite refused to answer and the answer just in its state of earthy. Finally I manage to break the silence when he asked about practices in Silat Seni Gayong which act as a code to his speechless. After recite the versus he jumped up and said to me we are “SeGayong” and the first words come out from his mouth , with that versus if you felt from a coconut tree it will not harmed you. I was stunned and amaze with his explanations. From there on he told me that Syed Zainal is related to him and because of the code of practice I read to him he willing to answer my questions.

The Royal Palace , Pekan Pahang

            According to him the late Syed Zainal was a very discipline and firm kind of a person. With a height of around 5 feet 9 inches and with a medium structure of body standing tall with his Keris on his waist. Been told, a person who is too committed to Islam and strong practice of it. Wearing his tarbush wherever he goes and having a very serious face. Moving his legs neatly arranged as if at the current range of martial arts ( bersilat ).With his body rather bend slightly and his hand look a little bit long, like the solitary and reading the Quran. He continued his story telling me that the late Syed Zainal had three teachers and one of the teachers is “Ulamak” which he did not reveal the name. A very quiet person and only speak when it is necessary, and Syed Zainal style of “bersilat “is very aggressive. With the left hand pulling the pants making his “silat “steps towards the left of his body, once a while “mengacah”( an act of surprising) and the move from soft to hard when he showing the steps of  “silat”.He also said Syed Zainal is a person when he speaks it will turn into reality (bermulut masin).

            It was a very memorable knowledge about the late Syed Zainal from this old man Syed and unfortunately after my visit to him he passed away at the age of 110 years. May he be blessed, Alfatihah.
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