Monday, January 17, 2011

Saiditina Fatimah asSugra

          Saiditina  Fatimah Sugra is Saidina Hussein daughter and grand daughter of Ali ibn AbiTalib. She is the great grand daughter of  Prophet Muhammad saw. She was name after her grand mother Saiditina Fatimah asZahra and which was also known as Sabirra, means the patient one. The combination of those name was named to this beautiful daughter of Saidina Hussein.
Entrance To Fatimah Sugra Shrine
          A love story between a father and daughter, that has not been separated since her birth. The sad story started when Saidina Hussein had to leave Saiditina  Fatimah Sugra in Madinah, on his journey away. The story of father and daughter separated forever due to the death of Saidina Hussein in the battle of Karbala.

The Tomb Of Fatimah Sugra
            Saditina  Fatimah Sugra waited  for her father and brother Ali Akbar and her sister Sakina returns from day, to month, to years, and she spend most of her time in the mosque .She was been taking care by her uncle and aunties at Madinah. The last kiss , hand wave from her father and tears are the last seen on the day they left her at Madinah. She missed her siblings and father very much and wanted to be together with them. But due to the promised and obeying her  father  and agreed to stay in Madinah. She hold her tears and sadness when separated. May peace be upon her. Amin.

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