Saturday, January 22, 2011

Limerick , Ireland

           In august 2009 Cikgu Anuar from black panther training centre of Silat Seni Gayong Malaysia and Serantau landed in Ireland. He is accompanying his wife to complete her PHD at the University of Limerick for the next  three  years. Before leaving Malaysia we had a discussion  of setting a training centre at  Ireland. Since that he will be at Limerick, so we will make Limerick for a start.

         Time pass by, month to month and he hasn’t  manage to setup a training centre at Limerick. He told me, he had a problem of getting people to join and with a lack of experience he did not know where to start. After a few months waiting for the progress I have decided to give him an assistant and make my way to Limerick, Ireland. 
         I arrived in Limerick Ireland on October 2009, after transit at London for almost 10hours. I safely reached Limerick at evening, and waiting for me at Shannon Airport, which are the airport of Limerick, are Cikgu Anuar and his elders son Amir. After passed the immigration check point finally I make it to the arrival hall, and the compliments and hugging between me and Cikgu Anuar , respecting each order . For me although Cikgu Anuar are my student by I respect him very much and we are more than brothers rather than a student and his teacher. Maybe that  Gayong had taught me in this manner and that long years with Gayong has become flesh and blood.  

Cikgu Anuar and His Family
Cikgu Anuar With Amir (standing) and Adli
          We head straight to his living house which took about 40minutes from the airport. Greeting me at the house are Cikgu Anuar wife , Aishah and his younger son Adli. The food was already prepared on the table and I was comfort with the dinner. At that time it was autumn and the day are short . After a chatting and a give of chocolate that I brought for his son and few ingredients for cooking as per his request recently.I started lean myself on his sofa.  As usual when we are a traveller the topic that wil be arise are the trip to the destination point. And as usual the answer will be along the experience we had along the way. After a long haul at Heathrow Airport and a good dinner I finally felt so exhausted and asking permission from Cikgu Anuar to go to bed. Normally I will go to bed  late to adjust on my timing but I can’t resist and I had to be excused .

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