Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ilmu Pernafasan Gayong

             Ilmu pernafasan or respiratory knowledge is part of training in Silat Seni Gayong. Some techniques are taught in the movements and in a warming up exercises and some are taught as tips in the life of a warrior. How does those method applied in the art? Before we can further elaborating on the systems let takes a moment to understand what ilmu pernafasan is.

             Ilmu pernafasan can be defined as a breathing method which flow through the nose, inhaling and exhaling and can be applied in many ways. In Silat Seni Gayong from the warming up exercise a student were taught of ilmu pernafasan. These methods some are for the flow of an energy which will be gather in the lung to generate more energy that will be supply to the body cell. An energy that was generated from an oxygen that been inhale and exhale. With a correct method the energy that flows will without notice build and generate or charging the energy to the muscle of the body. 

Ilmu Pernafasan In Tapak Gayong

            From the warming up exercise the students were taught on the movements of the techniques of defence. All the movements’ techniques have a method of ilmu pernafasan. An example when we are doing the punching or the first techniques as we name it Tumbuk Pintal Tali, the ilmu pernafasan applies when we grasp the knuckle and standing in our fundamental stance. The breathing should be taken sketchily. Significant of the ilmu pernafasan that applies here is to generate energy to the body and power to the movements. With the combinations of the warming up and movements ilmu pernafasan which has been arranged will enable us to withstand attacks. It was always reminded by the founder the late Dato Meor Abdul Rahman to fill the muscles with energy in order to withstand attacks.

Ilmu Pernafasan In Warming Up Exercise

            The knowledge of ilmu pernafasan in Silat Seni Gayong expended to in self care tips. An example of this tips are when we are going somewhere we are taught to feel the flow of the breath and the movements of our steps should been taken according to the breath. Overall the techniques of ilmu pernafasan or breathing techniques are taught from the moment we start training until the moment of our social life. There are too many to understand here which only can be obtained through a qualified instructors which keeping the secret of the art.

                                                  “Silat Seni Gayong Penuh Rahsia”


  1. As salam ckgu. boleh x d senaraikan satu persatu 'warm up' yg sepatutnya kt buat. coz, sy perasan skrg byk yg skip2 je warm up ni...

  2. Wasalam..sedara Hazrul kalau hendak disenaraikan satu persatu memenag boleh sahaja tetapi lebih baik dilakukan secara praktikal digelanggang bagi lebih mudah difahami.


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