Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Touch Of The Dragon

It has been a long time that I did not share the technique in my writing. It reminds me of the old school training where you have to be very strongly patient. If compared with today style of training I sometimes felt jealous because of the rapid systems in teaching the techniques. Figured in my mind it is a trend of the world. Everyone need to be trendy, if not you are considered conservatives. The good and better of the old school systems is that you really got mastered every inch of the techniques been taught and I am very proud of it and it really paid.

The techniques I wanted to share here is about the nerves from the perspective of Silat Seni Gayong. I have written about the nerves before but it just as an introduction. I would like to elaborate more on this ancient style of the Malay especially in Silat Seni Gayong.It took me two solid years to train and understand of the system and techniques. Only a few had this kind of knowledge and I am considered lucky to be granted and had a chance to be taught of the secret.

In Silat Seni Gayong there are 15 points of nerve counted from the middle fingers to the elbow on each arm. That doesn’t count the points on the whole arm, body, leg and so on. It’s like learning acupuncture and it is not easy to master it. I have taught this nerve technique and points to my senior and trusted student. It takes years for them to really get to feel the art and really manage to perform it.

Some Nerve Point On The Arm

In Silat Seni Gayong the nerves systems are applied in the locking and striking techniques. With one snap of the techniques it could drop the opponent and this is really a highly skill knowledge. But you must not forget that the nerves techniques is also can be applied for reconstructed cure due to the striking or locking application. In the nerves system we have the venom and we have the cure.

The best thing about these techniques you can feel the nerves point through your fingers when you touch any spot of the system. You can select like a computer what kind of feeling that you gone to deliver. If you wanted the person to laugh you just snap on the laugh nerves and if you wanted him to piss you just look for the piss nerves. I remembered once it was demo by the great founder the late Dato Meor Abdul Rahman at one afternoon in his house, where he used only two fingers to the back palm that makes one student getting pissed. And from that moment deeply inside me vision of mastering these nerves techniques passionaly and there am I achieved my dreams of live time.

This technique is not to play around with, because it is very dangerous and wrongly doing it can get someone kill. You must really know where the deadly touch is and where are the cure touch and the touch for demo purposes. All of it has own functions. I name and term this deadly touch as “Touch of The Dragon”.

Yeah! When talking about the dragon, remind us of the emblem, there the dragon stand. What really is the dragon, can we figured it out? It is more than the dragon that ruled the sea. This dragon touch is everything; it is the core and heart of the art. The lethal stand on it, like a tiger when doing the killing we really can see the fangs struck to the vain of the neck or throat of the prey but when the pray is dead it doesn’t leave any imprint or blood stained from the strangled. We only can see blood when the tiger do striking not strangling. That’s kind of lethal application is really Silat Seni Gayong that should be knowledge to all the practitioners. As usual there are many practitioners but there only a few that really can be name as the experts. We have to accept this and we hope that we are in that category. 

May we have all the strength and blessing to conquering this lethal art? Amin.

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