Monday, January 10, 2011

House Training

            No matter where you are and when you wanted to train you can train. That's another interesting part in Gayong. We had an inhouse training at the renting apartment. The apartment has a big hall and two rooms. One is a master bedroom and the other one is a single room. On the end of the hall in a small hallway where all the necessity household such as washing machine are located. With a kitchen located in another area and the bathroom as well, Everything is separated in each single area. With such a big apartment and living alone , I take that opportunity to do training.

Learning The Art Of The Malay
          After a little bit new arrangement of the furniture and should be ready to be used as a training space.With a mop to the floor and make sure its clean. I got to clean it because previously when the other renter used the apartment, upon entering they did not take out their shoes. Most of the houses I visit here, we just step in with a shoes. And as a Malay when entering houses  we will take out our shoes. Earlier when I visit a house here in Syria I took my shoes but was told by the house owner it's no need to do that. At first I feel a bit awkward but as time passes by I have to adapt to their culture.

House Training
         The training goes smoothly no matter where we are. And if the area is small we take turn when performing the training. Such a lovely Malay art of self defense where training are not only in dojo or training center but you can do it anywhere as long as the area is clean. I still remember when in Mauritius the training is in a forest, while in Tunis in a gym and in Damascus in a house. That's what we called Gayong an art that is easy and suitable in all circumstances.

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