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The Tomb Of Habil Ibn Adam

            The story of the Qabil and Habil had been revealed to Prophet Muhammad saw by Allah swt more than 1400 years ago.The first men to be killed because of jealousy.Situated outside of Damascus and its about two hours drive. It's on a hilltop and situated in an area considered as military based, and to enter the area you need to present your passport. Below is the summary of the story that I gathered from various sources as part of the sharing and learning during my adventure.

The Road To Habil's Shrin
           The Prophet Adam a.s. and Hawa were blessed with two sons, Habil (Abel) and Qabil (Cain). When they grew up, Habil, the younger brother, became a shepherd. He herded sheep, goats and other animals. The elder brother Qabil, worked as a farmer, tilling the fields.

          Habil's sister was not beautiful while Qabil's sister was beautiful, resulting in Qabil wanting her for himself, instead of his brother. Prophet Adam a.s. refused unless they both offer a sacrifice, and he whose sacrifice was accepted, would marry Qabil's sister

Habil Ibn Adam Mausoleum

         Habil  took the best of his flock, while Qabil brought his crops. Allah swt accepted Habil’s sacrifice, but rejected Qabil’s sacrifice. Qabil felt hurt at being disgraced and insulted. His face darkened with anger and his heart became hardened: “No,” cried Qabil, “ I will kill you!” At this treat from his elder brother, Habil did not shout back. He just said calmly: ”Even if you raise your hand to kill me, I will not fight back, for I fear Allah swt, the Lord of the Worlds.” But Qabil’s anger got the better of him and he killed his innocent brother Habil. But soon Qabil’s anger cooled down and he felt very sorry; ”Now I have killed my brother,” said Qabil to himself in deep sorrow and walked to this place with the deceased body. He did not know what to do; ” Then Allah sent a raven, which landed on the ground near the body. The raven began to scratch the ground to tell Qabil that he should bury his brother’s dead body under the earth. Woe is me! Cried Qabil helplessly. “I am worse even than this raven, for I cannot hide my brother’s dead body.” Qabil felt his meanness all the more so, because even a raven could teach him a lesson.
Under This Type Of Tree Qabil Was Taught By The Raven
           Narrating the story of the two brothers, the Quran reminds us in Surah al Ma’idah:
“If anyone killed a person - except as punishment for murder or other corruption in the land - it shall be looked upon as if he had killed all mankind. And whoever saved a human life, shall be looked upon as if he had saved all mankind.” [5:32]

The Tomb Of Habil Ibn Adam
          The story of Habil and Qabil  provides many lesson to mankind, must be more patient, think before doing something, jealousy kills and most important reminder that we are nothing except by permission from the greatest and the only god ; Allah. May peace be upon Qabil and Habil. Amin


  1. Of all the article published in this page the story of Habil is the most interesting.I never knew that the tomb of Habil was in Damascus,insha allah one day I will make it a point to visit same as it is the burial place of our father,the man born on this planet Earth,the father of Mankind,a Great soul,May Allah swt show his Blessing on our father, ameen.

  2. Where is the tomb located please...the address

  3. Where is the tomb located please...the address


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