Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gayong Saga Continues

           Gayong  training  continues,  from training with a  tee- shirt  now all of them have their Gayong’s uniform.  When training in a right uniform the feeling is different, the soul of the art felt  as if transmitted into the body.  I was very  happy with the development as they are very keen to dig deeper into the ancient art of Gayong. Although the uniorm that they produced are not as per Gayong standard but their determination and spirit should be appreciated.  The uniform that they wear are longer than the original Gayong’s uniform , it’s like an attire been weared in a tournament  of silat. I don’t blamed  them, after a few explanation of the correct design of the uniform they began to fold the edge of the sleeves and shorts. 

Training Continues
           What I can foresee here that the eagerness to find out the truth about Gayong, naturally discipline, ethics , from the uniform , in and the training, the brotherhood and  lot of things about Gayong. One thing about those student they are not patient enough and they wanted to know everything as quickly as they can and forcing us to provide them in a single glimpse. Although many explanations been made, and the insisting kept coming forcing us with all the details. 

The Discipline
           Gayong is not an art which someone can learn and understand within a split second. Gayong is an art that might take a longer time of understanding and maybe the whole of your life. Is an art of defining yourself and in terms to understand this you may passed with a lot of mine . If you manage to get the right path than you will be safe but if the other way around, with God Almighty we seek refuge from Him.

Teacher And His Students
            Gayong that we know is not only the art of defending our-self or as we called it as an art of self defense of the Malay which has been in the archipelago since many thousand years ago. Gayong is an art that greater and bigger in understanding that brings to modesty in the sense that we as a human beings. Things that lead us to humble ourselves and know who the real  "Master" are. We who had not have any of the particles even though. Seen in deep, Gayong teaches us everything from internal and external. It’s up to each individuals to lean onto acceptance and understanding of the extent knowledge that served him. I as a teacher always pray blessing of this knowledge as to be shared amongst  the interested and faithful right. Amin

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