Monday, May 23, 2011

Benang Panchaindera - The Custom And Tradition

            Silat Seni Gayong is full of custom and tradition, which has been restored from generation to generation. One of the custom events that have been forgotten is terms as “benang panchaindera”.Before I go further to elaborate on this custom tradition, let us understand the meaning of the terms.

            In Malay,”benang” is a thread while “panchaindera” is a sense. The custom of “benang panchaindera” must be made in a custom event that was full and rich of customaries etiquette. A thread or “benang” must be combined and embroidered and a length of a person who would receive the “benang panchaindera” will be measured. Each person must have their own measurements and the “benang panchaindera” must not change over with others.The measurements were taken from the head to the heel.

Benang Panchaindera

            The threads are choosing from at least a wool kind of thread or knitting thread in order to make easy for embroidered. Each person can choose the colour of the thread but a red and white, black and yellow is a compulsory coloured that is required for the tradition. All together there will be seven colours and it is symbolically a colour of the rainbow.

A Students After Preparing Their Benang Panchaindera

            After preparing all the necessary things for the event ,the students will be instructed to sit in a proper row and was call one by one to the audience and the graduation were made. The ceremony will be ended on explaining on the significant of the tradition. And the made of “benang panchaindera” is a symbolic of seeking refuge from all bad things ahead of us from the AlMighty, Allah. The students are told to recite versus of the Quran from the surah AlLahab before the “benang panchaindera” can be used which are by tying a knot to the threads. After reciting the surah and tying the knot the students must feel the breath from the nose and the guide from the breath will end when wear on the body. 

            Unfortunately this tradition has been forgotten and only a few that have the ability and knowledge to perform this custom and tradition event. A rich culture of Silat Seni Gayong must be preserved especially in the tradition and custom, in order for the generation to feel the significant and unique of the Malay art of a warrior. 

                                                “SIlat Seni Gayong Penuh Beradat”

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