Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Day At Limerick

           Sleeping like a log, that what I did last night at Limerick. As usual I woke up at 4am in the morning, switch on my laptop scrolling for any new email which I had to reply. It was a quiet morning and I make myself  busy by hanging my clothes in the cupboard. Cikgu Anuar rent a semi detached house that design like a townhouse. He had a neighbour on the left and right and on top . A house with two bedrooms , a hall, a kitchen and a just medium house that he rent from the real estate agent. 
           At about  7.30am I heard that he woke up and preparing a breakfast for all of us in the house. He fried a noodles for the breakfast. I was wondering where did he learned to cook, because when he is back home he totally out of the field. And after some interrogation , he told me that he had no choice unless he learned to cook. And his effort  results and from the person who not even go to kitchen and now well versed with the kitchen utilities. Thumbs up for him.

At The Back King George Castle
Leaning At University of Limerick Pole

           After  shower ,everyone gather for the breakfast.  What a very typical Malaysian breakfast and I praise Cikgu Anuar for his cooking  although  he had a lot to improved . When talking about cooking I still remember  during my school day holiday I learned to cook from my mother, and its help a lot when I’m away. While chatting  when having breakfast  , talking about the training centre back home and Gayong development and sometimes  a laugh came out because I teased Cikgu Anuar especially  when he had a training during his time in Malaysia. Talking about  his colleagues and funny things happen during the time make a laughter came from everyone including from his son as well. Amir and Adli joined the laughter, seems that there understand the whole story. After all the cheek exercise, Cikgu Anuar invited me for a quick glance to the city. Limerick is a third largest city in Republic of Ireland and a peaceful and quiet city. With an introductory of the city, Limerick, I catch up with the environment and the culture within.

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