Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Stay At Kudsia

            My night at Kudsia goes well, with me sound asleep not a creeping sound can’t make me wake up. I was locate at a living room that converted into a bedroom. Yahya’s lived at the third floor of an apartment with one bed room. Upon entering the house you will enter through a hall where he arranged all his furniture.  The hall  was divided into three section. The first hall was left  empty because its the entrance point to the house. On the left is the next hall , which are furnished, and opposite the second hall on the other end there's the third hall, which furnished as well and act as an entertainment section because a TV was placed there. On the left of the entrance hall its the kitchen, and up the end of the hall about 6 feet, there’s  a passage to the bedrooms. Walking through the passage on the right is the bathroom and at the end straight is the bedroom and I sleep next to the bedroom which are actually a living room for woman.

           Here in Syria when we visit  friends house the living room between two gender were separated. And we cant see their women , thats their custom. When I stay there I cant and will never meet yahya’s wife. Yahya a married man but had no children. He has been married for almost 2 years when I met him, and since then he is like a newly wed couple. Kudsia is a living park with apartment everywhere. Kudsia located at a hill and to get there we are going uproad and the road is busy with traffic flow and some of the corner is sharp and narrow. I salute the drivers here because they are efficient in handling their vehicle. Most of the apartment here, the maximum floor is 4 and each floor have 4 doors with different occupants. 

Where I Stay
           I was staying in a living room converted  into bed room especially for my temporary present there.My room  as I called it is facing a mosque. Its about 600 metre from the apartment. There’s  an outlet shops selling Arabic bread in various choice. The bread was prepared similar of preparing a pizza, some of the bread on top they sprinkled with egg, some with beef, some with chicken and some with sesame seed. And its was oven into a man made oven, and I can see clearly how it was made from my window.

The Mosque View From My Window
           Every apartment here are located near a shop and around  9am, its going to be very buzy  with children going to school, elders going to work and you can see people carrying bread all over. With a big horn notifying comes from a bus or a mini bus. A van was converted into a mini bus and its the cheapest transportation here. But taxi’s are one of the perfect choice for comfortability. When I saw the van giving a bus service I  remember that this similar  services are provided in Indonesia . From the window to the left at a straight road I can see a small town of Kudsia. In walking distance we can get there in 3 min. Life at Kudsia are always  buzy as early morning and stopped at least 10pm at night. At night the restaurant in front of this apartment will be fill with customer and most of the people spend their time starting at 5pm in the evening to midnight because the weather at night are more cool and chill.

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