Friday, September 18, 2015

A Master

Martial Arts is a passion for some and business for others. The development of the art brings people together in a room for sharing no matter what the atmosphere are. We cross over with many method of doing so. In a modern way as we call it , it will be done in a seminar or by video which can be found on the net. While on the traditional method we have to attend a class at the dojo. What make a bit interesting for me when attending a traditional class is when the students making assessments of their master without knowing comparing to the modern method where they only comes to add techniques for their own various purposes.

I have been sharing and has been a guidance on Silat Seni Gayong in various countries from continent to continent. Thru my vast experiences I noticed that some of the students who attending the class looking at you as an instructor and circling in their mind whether you are capable to guide them without you been notified. They are not assessing your skill but they are judging your capability of your fitness or body conditioning and many side of yourself. As for them the body conditioning in martial arts are not the same as what other fitness centre are concentrate on. A fitness on traditional martial arts are more than that. They will judge how you react on your exercise and from there they will make the judgments on your was so called a master.

Gambar Hiasan
The judgments are view on your energetic , your breathing when doing the exercise, your endurance doing with them. For them this are the real master which has been training for many years and should have all that qualities. A master is not from what he write or said, a master is what he can perform perfectly on any ground of his style ,shown and guide a correct way of doing  internally and externally. A master is a person who will be surveillance by their respective students and verified that they are the true one.

Fitness in martial arts are not only the warming up exercise , the tone of muscle, the cardio etc , but it is also include of the style way of performing their form such as punching, kicking etc. A fitness also include the method of techniques, applications etc. Your endurance when your colleague perform a techniques on you. All this are an aspects taken by your students assessing you whether your are really a master in your own art. Being a true master is not an easy task, to be there it take years of devotion to the art. It is not an overnight achievements and there is no short cut when climbing the ladder. A master is not what you ware on your waist , a master is what you really can guide and share perfectly with your students . A master is  a person of well equip with his art and a perfect book for the students to finish their understanding of the art. A master is not a person who act as a master which surrounding on his own world and a day dreamer all his life. A master is a person who will be judge by their respective students in many ways of their life and will be remembered in the heir days for all his deeds for his beloved arts.

Semoga kita semua diberkati.

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