Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Tomb Of Imam Nawawi

            After Omayyad dynasties ruled the Islamic empire many Islamic scholar and famous name in Islam came and lived in Damascus. The city became a knowledge and culture center during that era. I had a chance to visit one of the famous Hadith narrators. His name is Imam Nawawi. Imam Nawawi was buried in a village called Nawar. Its about approximately two hours drive from the city. On that occasions I was accompanied by Bashier.  Bashier owned a shop at souq of Alhamadiyah. It's was a family shop and was past from generation to generation.We drove there with his car Volkswagen golf model. Most of the driver in Syria like to drive fast, so does Bashier. And for that , I called him Schumacher of Damascus. Started from that moment he got his nickname and was called Basher Schumacher.

Nawar Village
The Graveyard
           We have to stopped a few times asking for a way to the tomb. At last we arrived at Nawar. Nawar is a small village town, and you can see a horse passing by carrying goods . In Syria horses are still used as a mode of transport for bringing goods. When reached the site , the place sounds so quite. You can see a mausoleum  in the middle of the graveyard . When entering the area I can see a dead tree limb are out from the mausoleum. When we look it clearly its like an Arabic writing. It written the words Allah. I was so stunned with that depiction. All the while I only see this in an article, now I'm seeing it life.

Signboard On the Mausoleum

Imam Nawawi.'s Mausoleum
Imam Nawawi's  Grave
          The mausoleum was taking care by a man and he will be there from morning until evening. He will do all the necessary things from cleaning to greeting any visitors who came to visit the tomb. The care taker greet us and started to tell us the history of the tomb. I take a chance of my own to inspect the compound. The tree that I saw from outside is grow above the grave. And what make me speechless is an engrave on the branch of the tree. Allah Almighty. This is sainted and most of the limb have this writing. I asked permission from the care taker to take a piece of the branch. He cut for me just a small piece but to cut even  a small pieces taking him sometimes. The branch was so tough and hard.

The Engraving
          A piece of the branch of Imam Nawawi as my souvenior and after pray, we leave the area.In the car I was so quite, still thinking the contributions made to mankind by the late Imam Nawawi and all others that devoted themselves for the benefit of all. And the sacrifice that they made still can be see today. May peace be upon them. Amin

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