Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gayong Limerick First Training

            After all the struggle and making sure that all the promotion run smoothly finally we can start the first training. St Enda is a private sports complex which covered a gym, a basketball court, a meeting rooms, a hall which are suiable for yoga,martial art training and workout. Located at Kilmallock Road, which are about 10 minutes drive from Cikgu Anuar's house. Everyone were excited on the first day , inclusive of Amir and Adli. After preparing all the necessary gear finally we  head straight to the sports complex. Park at the ample parking which are provided to visitors to the complex.

Entrance To The Sports Complex

             About few minutes Mike and Will arrived and we check in at the counter for the booking we made. Although the promotion had been made through emails and some of the brochure affixed to selected shops, and an enquiries had come but on the first day of training we only satisfied with four. Anyway the struggle must continue to educate the community that Gayong is here at Limerick and willing to share the knowledge of this ancient art for those who are interested.

            Training that day run smoothly and I conducted the fist training ever at Limerick. Many explanations were drawn out for the practitioners and making sure that they understand the philosophy of the art. Overall who did come for the first training feel happy and satisfied with the concept and fundamentals of Gayong. Seems that Mike and Will did trained in other martial arts such as kickboxing , and they did come out with a questions comparing the concept of Gayong and the art that they have learned. With a simple and concise explanations they manage to understand it. And words came from them that Gayong is totally different from other defense arts and that make they are more eager to go deeper of the knowledge.

Training Session
Questions And Answer Session
Will Get To Feel The Death Lock

             After a good two hours training , and we stop for the day. Training at St Enda is not free, we have to rent the space and what amaze me that all of us share equally on the rental, and that's Gayong. Finally all the effort made materialise and Silat Seni Gayong offically start the training at Limerick in  29 November 2009, which are a quite fast set up in a foreign land. Life Silat Seni Gayong. Amin.

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