Friday, February 25, 2011

Ghost City

            Ghost town that's what we can call it when suddenly the city those are normally busy turned silence. Everywhere most of the city which celebrate Christmas or any other religious celebration will look like these. That’s what happens to Dublin on Christmas day.  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

" Tumbuk Bertapak " or Steeping Punch - The Hidden Method

         “ Tumbuk bertapak” or steeping punch is a movement where we have to step forward our feet while delivering a punch. It’s like walking, we move our feet before moving our hand. The nature concept applies in these movements. When steeping forward and while making that movement makes sure that we drag our feet to the next foot. The steeping continues with the leg that been drag whether left or right taking back the position in a forty five degree stances from the other leg. The punching should be applied when the foot is stop in each movement. The actions are performed simultaneously. At the end of the action the students are instructed to change into the opposite side. When performing the movement the body has to turn to the left if the feet in front are the right foot. The opposition applies depends on the front feet. The foot gyration are applies with the steeping forward as per the previous movement. Then the turned was made with a hand strike. These are the method of application when performing the movements. This movement is made easier when repeated many times.

"Tumbuk Bertapak"

          What make difficult is to understand the concept. When the understanding is well versed the movement will be orderly. What the hidden method that students should understand while performing this movement? The first thing that they have to understand is the way to move the leg. When making steps make sure we drag the leg to the other foot and deliver the punch on the next steps. Why do we have to drag the leg here? When dragging the leg without realising that we already have an avoiding step from attacking. That’s means in this movement there are avoiding techniques. And while steeping forward delivering a punch there are an attacking techniques. In a training these movement can be train with a partner to understand the concept of “ tumbuk bertapak” or steeping punch.

After The Turning

           How training with partners could be applied on these techniques? As usual you need a partner to do the attacking and you apply these movements as you perform alone in your training. Make sure when the attack been delivered drag your feet and steeping forward and delivered a punch. What else been the hidden techniques here? The next method is to understand the way of turning and delivering a strike. When making a turning to the opposite site the leg must be rotated whether to left or right depending on the front foot. When we make the turning there is already an avoiding techniques if an attack should comes from the rear. And that turning immediately applies with strike which it act like a block but actually it a strike. These steps can be trained with a partner to get it mastered.  Overall in these techniques there are avoiding and attacking methods which are very important to be understand to all Silat Seni Gayong practitioners. “ Patah Tumbuh Hilang Berganti”.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Malaysian Food Festival

           The tools of promoting are various. Silat as we moved around are like a culture ambassador. It represents the Malays and the nation of the country. Nowadays in many event that involved the Malaysia Embassy abroad silat played a bigger role. The event opening will be commensurate with silat performance. Silat Seni  Gayong Ireland had an invitation to perform at the Malaysian Food Festival. The festival was held at Hilton Hotel Charlemagne Dublin. The event was organised by Malaysian Embassy and MATRADE (Malaysian Trade Exhibition). At the day of the event they will promote Malaysian Food to the Irish and European guest living in Ireland. All the guests are upon invitation and most of them are a representative of their country. That’s for the early session, for the non VIP session they are open to the public. Participants are Malaysian restaurant that operates at Ireland. All guests are welcome to taste the food as they wishes. While tasting the food they are entertained by Malaysia musician mostly living, studying and working in Ireland. 

Silat Seni Gayong Performance
The Invited Guests
From Langkawi Restaurant Dublin
The Entertainer

           Every group had their role and so does Silat Seni Gayong. We had to perform after the speeches by the Malaysian representative and the time given are not fixed. The early performance was about  three minutes ,backup by a traditional music. The guests were shown on how unique and wonderful gracious movement of silat. Most of the guest perhaps have not known or heard of silat before. After ending the first performance the hall was rumble with applause. While waiting for the next performance the Silat Seni Gayong group join the crowd having a taste of the served food. As usual for Malaysian guests mostly students enjoyed the home food very much. While having a taste, an announcement was made for the next performance. In the next performance Silat Seni Gayong shows Gayong concept on martial arts. When the students perform I took a chance to narrate the history and the applications of techniques of the performance. The demonstration went well and been congratulate by some guests. We are proud to assist our embassies on promoting Malaysian products in addition to introducing Silat Seni Gayong.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tenggiling Anak Harimau - The Training Concept.

           Silat Seni Gayong not only teaches their students in avoiding and attacking but also teaches jumping method for self-preservation. This method is known as “tenggiling anak harimau” or tiger cub rolling. Rewinding back on my previous blog writing on the story of the female tiger teaching her cub on grappling and striking, and while doing the entire act the cub also rolled. The act of rolling is what we called as “tenggiling anak harimau” in Silat Seni Gayong.  All the action of rolling or jumping or gymnastic or fall prevention are method of escaping while been attack.
           In preparations for the student to perform the rolling techniques they are instructed to do stretching. Stretching before any movements are a must to prevent from muscle cramps and to prepare the body on the stability and flexibility. After the warming up exercise the students will be shown the correct way of rolling from the context of Silat Seni Gayong. What will be teaches as a basic rolling or jumping techniques are start from the standing position. One has to stand by spreading their legs on a medium stances position not to wide and not to narrow. From this position they are shown how to rolled the head inside the leg that was stretch out. The most important thing when performing or practice this act is to save your neck or head from getting hurt. Every movement of the rolling must be land on the shoulder back. The forward rolled must be repeated to make perfect. For a new in doing the act they might be feeling dizzy, these is due to the flexibility and stability of the adrenalin in the body. Repetitions of the exercise will normal back the position of the body. 

Standing Position
Basic Rolling
Returning To Position
Leaping- Prepare To Landing

           After one have experienced and confident on the forward roll, they will be taught the backward roll. The backward roll are similar as the forward roll, it just the opposite side of it. With the basic movements of rolling been perfected the students will be shown the next step of rolling or jumping. This time they have to leap while performing the jumping. The confident on the previous basic jumping and rolling method will make the students feel easy in this leaping method. This method will be developing with obstacles from lower elevation to high, from narrow to leaping on obstacles and many more. What the most important method to be understands here is the way of keeping save while landing on the ground. The entire concept is taught in basics from rolling in a standing position until leaping in a standing and running position. Mastering the concept correctly and a non-stop training would be enable trainees to perform all the gymnastics techniques with flying colours.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Ethics, The Brotherhood , The Discipline

We Are Equals

            Silat Seni Gayong is not only teaching the students on Malay martial arts but also taught them the art of brotherhood. In the initiation ceremony before officially being accepted as Silat Seni Gayong disciple the new pupil make an oath to be loyal to all the brothers or members of Silat Seni Gayong . The pledge doesn’t stop there, it was apply in the life of every practitioners. The significant of having this ethics is to tell us that we are the same and we need to stay together to be strong. Other advantage of the embedded right in the pledge is to train us humility and respect for our fellow. By applying this in our daily life the ethics and discipline that are taught not only our respect for our fellow members but we will also respect anyone regardless of age and ethnicity.

The Brotherhood - Regardless Age And Ethnic

           It also teaches us the spirit of mutual assistance regardless of the time and conditions. The members are also taught the spirit of not be spiteful between members and live in harmony and to work together to achieve a goals. This spirit is instilled into the trainees so that the relationship became intimate, and the feel this is kind of like brothers and sisters of a family. All peoples are equal, whether teacher or student, what distinguishes between teacher and student is a blessing. 

The Ethics - Teacher and Students
The Brotherhood - Teacher and Students
We Are Equals

           The ethics that are taught in Silat Seni Gayong does not only bind to fellow members but it is very broad. The members of Silat Seni Gayong must also pledge loyalty to the rulers of the Malays, the religion, the leaders of the country, the teacher and the parents. Overall the ethics and pledge taught in the official ceremony on accepting a new disciple of Silat Seni Gayong cover a very wide field. And at the end of the event a prayer appealing to all to be preserved and keep away from all evil and do well for other people. Silat Seni  Gayong overall teaching his students to be courteous and respectful of all people regardless of whether the leaders or the ordinary people .

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Old Mellifont Abbey

           It was Friday and Cikgu Anuar came from Limerick to sharpen his knowledge in Silat Seni Gayong. As usual our topics of chatting are based on the development of Silat Seni Gayong worldwide. Suddenly I slot in the conversation of going for a visit to some of historical places in Ireland. It was agreed and we search in the internet the nearest site where we can go for tomorrow. The nearest site to go is Drogheda and the place to visit is Old Mellifont Abbey. 

Information Board

            Mellifont Abbey is an Irish Cistercian monastery located between the village of Collon and the town of  Drogheda in County Louth. It is noteworthy for the conflict between the Irish and Anglo-Normans which occurred in Ireland in the wake of the Norman conquest of Ireland on 1169. Mellifont Abbey was one of many Irish Cistercian abbeys that rebelled not only against Anglo-Norman rule, but eventually against the Cistercian Order itself.

The Lavabo

           Mellifont Abbey is a 12 century Irish Cistercian ruins. Most of what remains of the abbey is only foundations, but there is a fine lavabo that is most intact where the monks would have washed their hands before meals, along with the chapter house and a section of the cloister. There are also evocative ruins of a gateway and a small church nearby.

The Riuns That Attach To The Lavabo

           The lavabo is one of the most unusual features of the abbey. It was apparently an addition to the cloister and dates from the thirteenth century. It had washing fountain which might be a column from which water flowed out from many openings and went into a basin. Monks washed their hands here before entering the refectory. It is the only remaining building of its kind. Its capital is embellished with carvings of foliage.

            There are remains of the abbey church. The abbey had a unique crypt at its west end. The crypt was probably designed to provide structural support, as the bedrock slopes steeply towards the river Mattock. It evidently had windows, though it was suggested for used for some other purpose such as storehouse or prison.

           A visit to the medieval site of the Irish history makes us understand the culture and the civilisation of the people. And for 5 of us who visited the site wondering about the area which are said to be built before the Prophet Isa pbuh . But the visit is a worth in gaining knowledge in various nations around the world civilisation in engineering , architectural and religion of the past.
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