Saturday, May 28, 2011

Significant of Pairs

           Every creation in this universe is double or in pair. There is a sky and there is an earth and a man and a woman. In Silat Seni Gayong , do we notice that the movement that we perform are in pairs. This are commonly can be seen on the arrangements of the hand. What significant of the pairs which are created? Do we ever think about it before? A pairs is like a magnet that generates an energy and power if we really know the used of it.

           For an example if we are performing a steps of “bunga” or “langkah” , a pair of hand that arranged accordingly will generate the full energy rather than a hand that was simply arranged as like. What are the pairs in Silat SenI Gayong movements? In Silat Seni Gayong a pairs can be seen in the hand movements which are known as “harimau jantan”and“harimau betina”. What “harimau jantan” and “ harimau betina” and the important of it to the movements in Silat Seni Gayong. “Harimau jantan” is a palm movement that face the ground whilst “harimau betina “is a palm facing upwards. The combinations of this pairs create great power and energy whether to do grappling or striking.

In Avoiding
In Striking

           The combinations of the pairs don’t stop there, it’s continued as we continue on any movements not exceptional whether the weapons or anything that related to the art. A pair can also be applied using the opponent standing especially in the grappling or locking or striking. The significant of the movements is so great and must be skilled by the practitioners. When a correct pairs is applied the energy within it supporting each other to produce a force strong enough to with hold a grappling or delivering a striking. Without much energy the used of pairs should help for the applications of any techniques.

            In order to get a better understanding the training should be apply in practical with the supervision of a qualified and knowledgeable instructor. The concept of a pair is so wide and to understand the whole might be a great knowledge to all Silat Seni Gayong practitioners. Wish all with happy training and cheers.

                                          “Slowly Seeking the Secret Knowledge”

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ilmu Pernafasan Gayong

             Ilmu pernafasan or respiratory knowledge is part of training in Silat Seni Gayong. Some techniques are taught in the movements and in a warming up exercises and some are taught as tips in the life of a warrior. How does those method applied in the art? Before we can further elaborating on the systems let takes a moment to understand what ilmu pernafasan is.

             Ilmu pernafasan can be defined as a breathing method which flow through the nose, inhaling and exhaling and can be applied in many ways. In Silat Seni Gayong from the warming up exercise a student were taught of ilmu pernafasan. These methods some are for the flow of an energy which will be gather in the lung to generate more energy that will be supply to the body cell. An energy that was generated from an oxygen that been inhale and exhale. With a correct method the energy that flows will without notice build and generate or charging the energy to the muscle of the body. 

Ilmu Pernafasan In Tapak Gayong

            From the warming up exercise the students were taught on the movements of the techniques of defence. All the movements’ techniques have a method of ilmu pernafasan. An example when we are doing the punching or the first techniques as we name it Tumbuk Pintal Tali, the ilmu pernafasan applies when we grasp the knuckle and standing in our fundamental stance. The breathing should be taken sketchily. Significant of the ilmu pernafasan that applies here is to generate energy to the body and power to the movements. With the combinations of the warming up and movements ilmu pernafasan which has been arranged will enable us to withstand attacks. It was always reminded by the founder the late Dato Meor Abdul Rahman to fill the muscles with energy in order to withstand attacks.

Ilmu Pernafasan In Warming Up Exercise

            The knowledge of ilmu pernafasan in Silat Seni Gayong expended to in self care tips. An example of this tips are when we are going somewhere we are taught to feel the flow of the breath and the movements of our steps should been taken according to the breath. Overall the techniques of ilmu pernafasan or breathing techniques are taught from the moment we start training until the moment of our social life. There are too many to understand here which only can be obtained through a qualified instructors which keeping the secret of the art.

                                                  “Silat Seni Gayong Penuh Rahsia”

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Spirit Of The Legendary Warriors

            Sekapor Sirih, Sawa Berendam is part of the names or terminology of a buah tapak kunci mati or locking techniques. Do we really understand about the buah tapak kunci mati or these locking techniques? Where it does symbolically appeared in Silat Seni Gayong? Let share the story that have been told to me by the great founder about these terminologies. Where it does come from and what does it mean to Silat Seni Gayong. 

           Silat Seni Gayong consists of seven movements that are spiritually and symbolically from the legendary Malay warrior during the Malacca Empire Hang Tuah and Hang Jebat. The spirits of both warriors are symbolically in the movements of the locking or buah tapak kunci mati in Silat Seni Gayong. Where these spirits does comes from? It was told that those spirits are from the letters that spell both the name of the warriors in Malay letter word called Jawi. 

Hang Tuah As Prescribe

            The word spell then were be solved to another fourteen movements of locking techniques or buah tapak kunci mati that are symbolically spell from the name of another three legendary warriors and a comrade of the two warriors in Malay alphabet Jawi. Those three warriors are Hang Kasturi, Hang Lekir and Hang Lekiu. The attachments of all the names in Malay alphabet Jawi create the twenty one techniques of buah tapak kunci mati or locking. 

Patah Julang

           Why it is twenty one not more? The number twenty one in the Malay custom are the number for the used by the Malay warriors. An example during the era of the warriors in the custom of the Malay if a person is a warrior he will be served with twenty one numbers of beetle leaf during an event. As for a royalist will be served a number of seven beetle leaf during any event. What, a unique and great etiquette in the Malay custom and tradition application in the social life.

            Seems that Silat Seni gayong is a warrior way the number twenty one applies in the systems and these numbers are taken from the alphabet of the great warriors of Malacca, Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat and their three comrades. The combination of that alphabet in the names is countable from the Malay alphabet Jawi absorbing the spirit, confidence, sound and terror. That number twenty one represents symbolically on the day when the tiger cub is born where the female tiger will teach and lick the cub up to twenty one days and the day symbolically in Silat Seni Gayong is the time where those spirits of the legendary warrior’s movements were taught.

                                                     “Rahsia Tersimpan Di Purbakala”

Monday, May 23, 2011

Benang Panchaindera - The Custom And Tradition

            Silat Seni Gayong is full of custom and tradition, which has been restored from generation to generation. One of the custom events that have been forgotten is terms as “benang panchaindera”.Before I go further to elaborate on this custom tradition, let us understand the meaning of the terms.

            In Malay,”benang” is a thread while “panchaindera” is a sense. The custom of “benang panchaindera” must be made in a custom event that was full and rich of customaries etiquette. A thread or “benang” must be combined and embroidered and a length of a person who would receive the “benang panchaindera” will be measured. Each person must have their own measurements and the “benang panchaindera” must not change over with others.The measurements were taken from the head to the heel.

Benang Panchaindera

            The threads are choosing from at least a wool kind of thread or knitting thread in order to make easy for embroidered. Each person can choose the colour of the thread but a red and white, black and yellow is a compulsory coloured that is required for the tradition. All together there will be seven colours and it is symbolically a colour of the rainbow.

A Students After Preparing Their Benang Panchaindera

            After preparing all the necessary things for the event ,the students will be instructed to sit in a proper row and was call one by one to the audience and the graduation were made. The ceremony will be ended on explaining on the significant of the tradition. And the made of “benang panchaindera” is a symbolic of seeking refuge from all bad things ahead of us from the AlMighty, Allah. The students are told to recite versus of the Quran from the surah AlLahab before the “benang panchaindera” can be used which are by tying a knot to the threads. After reciting the surah and tying the knot the students must feel the breath from the nose and the guide from the breath will end when wear on the body. 

            Unfortunately this tradition has been forgotten and only a few that have the ability and knowledge to perform this custom and tradition event. A rich culture of Silat Seni Gayong must be preserved especially in the tradition and custom, in order for the generation to feel the significant and unique of the Malay art of a warrior. 

                                                “SIlat Seni Gayong Penuh Beradat”
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