Wednesday, January 26, 2011


           Successfully spreading its wings at Limerick, we tried to expand Gayong throughout Ireland. At home,  discussion been made between me and Cikgu Anuar. Words came from Cikgu Anuar that there’s  a  Gayong class  at Dublin but have not been active for almost a year due to a problem that we do not know. An effort was made to contact on the members that are still exist. Finally we manage to catch hold of the club president  Ferdaus Cik Ani , which are a medical student at Royal College of Surgeon , Dublin. An appointment was made and we make our trip to Dublin.

Infront of Dublin Mosque

           Dublin is the state capital city of Republic of Ireland. Situated in the midpoint of Ireland mid coast, at the mouth of River Liffey, and at the centre of the Dublin Region. It took  us about two hours drive from Limerick.  The meeting was made at a restaurant situated in the compound of Dublin Mosque. We arrive at Dublin in the afternoon and informing Ferdaus that we have arrived. He came up with few of his colleagues to discuss the matter. Upon seeing us , as usual the Gayong brotherhood intact and everyone greeting each other  graciously. We had a lunch first before going for the discussion and that afternoon a beriyani rice from the mosque cafe. After filling the belly we carried on the point of the meeting. 

            Ferdaus told us that the club that he and his colleagues established in 2007 was only survive a year. The club was named Persatuan Silat Seni Gayong RCSI  Ireland. During that time the club was one of the active club at the college. What was wrong is that they do a training at a public compound using a real weapon and for that reason it was asked to closed. All the members felt up set and they do not know what to do and to asked help. Nobody cares about the closure.

From Left Idzmie, Fifi, Cikgu Anuar, Shafiq, Ferdaus (president), Me and Jason In-front of Malaysian Hall

           Me and Cikgu Anuar tried our level best to reactivate the club again and in the meeting I asked Ferdaus to submit a new proposal to the college. But this time we are seeking the help from Malaysian Student Department, Ireland which had an office at Malaysian Hall Dublin. The conclusion of the meeting is to reactivate the club again, and upon returning to Limerick we prepare the proposal and with the liaise with Ferdaus. And the proposal was sent to the RCSI club authorities. Praise, the proposal was accepted after some changes  according to the new club regulations. And Silat Seni Gayong reactivated again at Dublin after  in active for a year.

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