Saturday, January 29, 2011

Future Gayong Instructors

            The propagation still going on at Limerick. The training continued aggressively and the number of student has increased. What proud about the students at Limerick, they are Irish and European. One of the student Yanis Mortuzans are from Latvia and are very interested to dig the knowledge of Gayong and dream of spreading Gayong to his homeland one day. In early forties and have a knowledge in Kickboxing and Kali or Escrima fell in love with Silat Seni Gayong after all his questions and doubts in martial arts answered by Gayong.

The Training

            I have discuss with Cikgu Anuar on making Janis as Gayong future instructor and hope that he can carry Gayong flag at Latvia. If the planned goes well again Gayong will spread its wings to a new land. A very obedient students, Yanis are our hope for the project.

Yanis and Cikgu Anuar

           As for Mike and Will we hope to take over Ireland as our representatives when the times come. And so does Henry who had a background in Kung Fu. All these students are potential of spreading Silat Seni Gayong in future and I am hoping that this dreams would come through. As per my dream of a Gayong representative or instructor in other countries has been materialize and hoping the same dream here in Europe will succeed.

Henry and Me
Mike, Cikgu Anuar and Yanis

           Its not easy to prepared someone to be and instructor that you can relied and depend on. Its a very tough job of making one. They must have the charisma and open heart and mind and loyal to their teacher and brothers of Gayong . The most important things is to be humble. Its not easy because their are so many different character and culture different on most of them. But its a great experience for me in understanding those differences. With my level of knowledge in Silat Seni Gayong I really hope my task that was given to me by my late Silat Seni Gayong founder and his beneficiary of trust to spead Silat Seni Gayong to the world will find success.Amin.


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