Friday, January 14, 2011

The Living Quarters

            An interesting here in Syria is when we look at the design of a house. It's look a like but what distinguished is where it's built. Not what we see in residential ares which are arranged but a house that was built on the edge of the cliff. It was amazing, and it was like a fast growing mushrooms. In this kind of house, are mostly occupied by the middle and poor people. Most of them are immigrant from others Arabs country. Their house were built on a steep hill side. And seems that Syria only received rain once a year, the soil are hard like stones and its safe to built a house at the cliff edge.

House At The Edge Of A Cliff
            If  we turn back to the ancient times, especially in the old city of Damascus we can see how the structure of a house was built during that era. The using of a strong log when building still  can be seen , and just imagine for hundred of years the log still standing supporting the house from collapsing. How great the engineering during the time. Most of the house in the old city still preserved this techniques  and can be seen widely.

Old House In The Ancient City
Old House In Ancient City
           And definitely modern apartment can be  found everywhere outside the old city, and its grows rapidly through out Damascus. But every house looks familiar because it looks the same everywhere, with form of a box and most of it are three or four levels apartment. There is also an apartment have more then those levels.

Medium Apartment
High Rise Apartment
         Overall we can see Syria are developing rapidly while preserving the old and accepting the new. Their development are according to their own reference without regard to the others.

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