Thursday, July 14, 2011

Khatam Philosophy

             Khatam in Silat Seni Gayong are a common and apply on some of its practise. What can be defined as khatam? Khatam means the last part of something or reached the end of a thing. In Silat Seni Gayong the common and famous khatam application are in Seni Keris, Seni Lembing and Khatam AlIkhlas. For Khatam Seni Keris the applications are performed in the sea while the Khatam Seni Lembing is done at waterfall. It is different from Khatam AlIkhlas where enough by accepting it at home or some place that comfort. 

             What significant of all the mention matter. Let us goes one at a time.

             Khatam Seni Keris is a reach end after training Seni Keris. It is a myth in the Malay Archipelago that all the great Keris are gathered at the sea and the similarity of the keris blade are like the waves. In Silat Seni Gayong it was stressed that Khatam Seni Keris are for the practitioners to be reminded that we are only human being and as per our application of the khatam shows symbolically that we submit ourselves to the AlMighty the Creators and reminding us that we are nothing compare to the Greatness. All acts performed in the ceremony are under one understanding that Allah the God and the Greatest. 

Khatam Seni Keris

             As per Khatam Seni Lembing the ceremonies are performing at waterfall symbolically the speed and strength of the water flow apply to the spear. And the same believing as Seni Keris applies to this Khatam Seni Lembing. The earth was made with different stages such as 7 heavens and earth and all those creation are from the AlMighty the creator of the universe and mankind. Basically the Khatam Seni Keris and Seni Lembing is a message that we are just a human being who does not have any instance and everything is belonging to the Creator, Allah. This is a way of reminding personnel in a culture and tradition method of the Tauhid (unity of god) that apply in this great art of a warrior Silat Seni Gayong.  All of what we seek is the blessing of the prophet and the mercy of Allah the Creator. 

Khatam Seni Lembing

            All the khatam mentioned are the laws (syariat) of us as a human and the khatam are strong in spiritual when asked to complete the 70000 times recite or dzikr of the surah AlIkhlas. The surah AlIkhlas are been encouraged to the members to complete the reciting and at the end will be khatam for the act. The meaning in the surah AlIkhlas cleared mentioning that the Creator Allah is the Greatest and the only one we should seek help. With the blessing and mercy that cultivated from the surah AlIklhas, the spirit of the members of Silat Seni Gayong hope to been blessed and mercy all the time to live as a warrior and human been given good deeds and serve for the goodness of the mankind. Overall the practises in Silat Seni Gayong are doing well for the mankind and although it is the art of the warrior but it did serve as a tools to bring good deed to the human race.

                                  Langit biru terang benderang,
                                  Sesekali  bersinar pelangi,
                                  Aku selindung balik yang terang,
                                  Kenal akan aku agar kamu memahami.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lembing An Introduction

            Spears are either known as Tombak in the Javanese words and were called Lembing by the Malay. There were two types of Lembing , the throwing spears and one used for fighting at close quarters. Lembing basically are ballistic weapon and the stem was made from straight wood that measure from opening arms from one end to the other. The blades were made and design like knife and sharp blade were inserted into the stem and reinforced with rattan or ferrule bond. 

Seni Lembing Practitioner In A Custom And Tradition Attire of The Art

            Malay Lembing is more shorter and sharp blade at the edge. There are many types of blades that can be found such as wide spear like leaf,  wide blade and light long stem normally are mean for ballistic purposes and a spear used for battle the blade are long and sharp and the stem are strong.

Training Seni Lembing

            In the art of a warrior Lembing are commonly used with both hand in defending and slicing and were used as a throwing weapons at a certain time. The length of a Lembing stem is measured from the shoulder to the ground and the blades are about a span length. The blades are various from a beetle leaf design alike or from a bamboo leaf design. 

Training Seni Lembing

            In this art of the warrior, Silat Seni Gayong training Seni Lembing is ended in a tradition and culture known as Khatam Seni lembing. The ceremonies are performed at a waterfall symbolically the sharpness and the speed of the spears are similarity as the strength of the water that flow from the falls. Like Seni keris , the Khatam of Seni Lembing are accompanied with a batch of necessary groceries meant for the ceremony. The training is also worn with a red belt that is roll over the waist.

Khatam Seni Lembing

             It is been told that a warrior that mastered in the art of Lembing are Megat Terawis and Seni Lembing that been training in Silat Seni Gayong are from this warrior way of applying techniques and a unique culture and tradition of accomplishments of the art. Therefore in order to mastered Seni Lembing once must really mastered the way of applying the hand ,changing and controlling the stem of the Lembing while making a movements of thrust and slicing, throwing and changing hands drill.
Khatam Seni Lembing at Waterfalls

            Seni Lembing a unique weapons of the Malay and in Silat Seni Gayong and as mystery and unique as Keris. A culture should be preserved and maintain for the next generations.

                                              Megat Terawis hulubalang agung,
                                              Seni Lembing mainan asalnya,
                                              Anak Melayu harus memegang,
                                              Tradisi lama agar berpunya.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Kuala Sedili - Penghujung Gayong

            Kuala Sedili is located in Johor, South of Malaysia in the district of Kota Tinggi. It was entrusted by the late founder of Silat Seni Gayong to visit this historical place of Gayong. According to the history of Gayong which was told by the late Dato Meor Abdul Rahman,Kuala Sedili is the end of Gayong ( penghujung Gayong).Why it was said to be the end of Gayong is still ponder in the mind.

            After the deceased of the founder, I took a chance to visit this historical place in mid nineties. Because to fulfilling the entrusted, without any clue just heading straight to the destination. When reached at Tanjong Sedili, sitting at the sea shore thinking what I should do here as per the founder entrusted and trying to unveil the mystery. After doing some thinking I went to the village coffee shop and asked the customer there where most of them are local. What I got is that Kuala Sedili is opposite Tanjong Sedili and to go there we have to take a boat which the fare is fifty cents. At least I had some clue and the journey continued. 

A view from Kuala Sedili To Tanjong Sedili

           Kuala Sedili is a village and located in the shore of east of Malaysia, near the Island of Tioman and was told in the old days we can have a glance the Island of Sudong from here .The village, with a straight row of shops, a scattered boat, a Malay house, a grave yard which are told as the grave of a noble sheikh who spread Islam and totally a cosy village. In arrival at the shore of Kuala Sedili one more time I was lost, where to start from .What I do is to go to the chieftain house and start from there. My planned and guess were right and it happened that the chieftain is the son of the oldest man in Kuala Sedili. Unfortunately I have forgotten his name I remembered I wrote it in a diary but I have misplace it.

It was told this is the grave of Dang Anum ... under the roof

             Anyway this old man, at the age of 90 at that time is still strong and the only problem that he had is only the hearing. We need to speak loud or shout in order for him to hear what we are saying. Before he started bringing me for a tour he told a little bit about himself. According to him, he is the great, great grandson of the legendary Laksamana Bentan. Wow! That’s great at least I am meeting with the descendant of the legendary Malay warrior. He told me that although his great, great grandfather is a warrior but he was prohibited from learning silat because it was afraid that if it would embarrass the descent if been challenge by an opponent since that they are from the great warrior line. A story that was not accepted by me and from my view he is just trying to be humble. 

Kuala Sedili pier

            After a coffee I was taken for a tour, I was shown the grave of Dang Anum , a wife of Laksamana Bentan, a cape with a mystical story, and was told a story of the Kuala itself and many historical story about Kuala Sedili. When asked about silat, any person practise silat, and was told it was none. But according to him long time ago yes they trained at the rubber plantation with real machete and was like in a real fight. And Kuala Sedili was a based for the Malay Warrior to meet and planned for an attack against the colonialist. 

The new Kuala Sedili mosque, the old mosque are made from board

            A mystical things that happened at the cape every time in the month of Muharam , an old coin appeared  from the sea to the shore and in the middle there is a big stone which was been tried by an appointed contractor to blast it but failed. From the story there are too many mystery surrounding Kuala Sedili and from my assessments the place are meeting place for all the warrior of the Malay or is this what was called “satu masa kembali berteguh” in the poem of Silat Seni Gayong. Let us unveil the secret together.
                                     Kuala Sedili Tempat Sejarah,
                                     Tempat hulubalang Bertemu Sua,
                                     Rahsia Tersimpan Dalam Khazanah,
                                     Semoga Menjadi Pegangan Semua

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