Tuesday, April 17, 2012

KHTC New Members

KHTC New Pet

Every anak Gayong know the stories about the loving and care of the late founder on pets especially the wild one. At one time he preserves a Black Panther and a Python. The attitude and spirit of him goes into KHTC.

This is not the first time KHTC has such a great exotic pet. Founded a few days ago at a surau and since then it has been a baby to the training centre. Before this new member, we had 3 times preserves this kind of Python but unfortunately they manage to escape. This time we are making sure its going to stay.

What A Team

Fourteen feet long, a biggest and longer than we had before. The weight is about 30kg with a batik design of body tattoo in black and dark yellow. Sleeping all day and getting active at night around 1 am until 4am.

The Python can stand without food for 6 month and from the day he was caught he had not been given any food yet. Usually we feed him with a chicken same as the previous Python we had before they escape.

Brave KHTC Women Members

For those who are interested to view please do not hesitate to drop by at KHTC. We are only continuing the spirit of the late founder and in mind if we can get the cat family, tiger for example we will do it.

The legacy continues.

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