Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Topkapi Palace

           After fleeing from the European site we stopped at Topkapi Palace. To enter the palace which have been turned into a museum you have to pay 125,000 Lira. The palace has been the official and primary residence in the city of  the Ottoman  Sultans  for approximately 400 years.

          The palace was a setting for a state occasions and  royal entertainments, containing the most holy relics of the Muslim world such as the Prophet Muhammad cloak and sword. The construction was instructed by Sultan Mehmet 11 in 1459c. The palace is a complex made up of four main courtyards  and many smaller buildings. At the height of its existence the palace was home to as many as 4,000 people.

          The kitchen is so huge that can compensate a thousands people at one time. Now it has turned into a museum but you can still view the big wok and the structure and setting of it.

          As you passed the royal harem , royal hall, you can imagine how luxurious the ruler during the era. What most amuse me from the hill palace is that the ruined of a barricade or gates which are called a castle, with 3 steps of it before we can reach the palace of the sultans. Can you also imagined how does those days the army lead by Sultan Muhammad conquered the top hill during the era of the Roman. It was a great planned and great spirit of a leader that spread through the soldier and that really amazing me.

         Topkapi now act as a museum and there's a lot of Muslim artifacts were display there, and one can have a view of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. beard hair and bow and arrow and most of the Caliph treasure after the prophet and many more. The feeling was such you are back in history.

Entrance Gate To Topkapi Palace

The Harem In Topkapi Palace

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