Sunday, September 14, 2014

Adat - What Went Wrong?

Walking the street while wondering things surrounding  Gayong community around the world. I did noticed something that really interesting happening. The Gayong communities is represent with many criteria of individual and with different thinking, ideas and opinion. Sometimes it is good for the development of the art and sometimes it gives negative suggestion which if not making a deep thought will bring a calamities within the communities.

There comes adat-istiadat in Silat Seni Gayong, which has been neglected and sometimes mislead by some, due to not really understand what it is in reality or fact. Following, this so called guide and rules is to educate the community of Gayong to be in a great order. It was like a book of law. But as usual without the full knowledge we intent to put remarks or comments that might mislead the communities.

The adat-istiadat in Silat Seni Gayong comprise of many subject. It is educating the community to be behave accordingly and respecting each others. Sometimes we over used the manner and putting a trade mark that this is correct and that is wrong. A questions here..Are we really have the full knowledge of it? If we said we do..why we make an evolution for what has been practice since. Are we better than the founder?  Do we have the knowledge of doing so? Do we have the right to say of what we are doing? There are so many questions in our thought that to be translate or waiting for an answer.

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We are talking about adat-istiadat of Silat Seni Gayong which was not been opposed before during the founder was still around. Which we should do so in order for us to get the correct answer for all of adat behaviour. What went wrong? We felt afraid? Which we shouldn't.

Common evolutions we can found this days can be seen in adat perlimau tapak. Why is this happening? There are many type of doing pertaining this matters. Some just used water and green lemon without others material. Some left out few material especially "bertih","kemenyan". Others maybe evaluate in different forms. A questions what went wrong again? And we said we preserved and take adat,adap or whatever it is as a role in our Gayong communities. It is a sorrow to say that we don't.

Just a point to ponder as said by the founder,"Barangsiapa yang tidak menjalani adat-istiadat perlimau tapak Silat Seni Gayong, ia tidak boleh diiktirafkan sebagai murid Gayong dan sama sekali tidak sah mengaku dirinya ahli Gayong", Dato Meor Abdul Rahman. Let us take a minute to think deeply about that statement. If we do according to our evolution without preserving as per guidelines and teaching from the founder pertaining to this matter, does the act that we are doing valid with that statement? And we have a gut to claim that we perform the well said to be preserved adat-istiadat. If we thought it is yes than move on with whatever the believing and if not we must return back to our original way. We make our own choice. And as a view if we said about adat,adap and everything related and we don't act as per the guidance and teaching of the founder than we cannot consider we are steeping on that path because we don't have the knowledge and we can't say that we understand well.

As a conclusion let sit and really think deeply on all aspects of any corner of adat-istiadat,adap and related to find solution and hoping there will be follow accordingly as per the footstep of guidance and teaching of our beloved founder. Until then if we still in evolution we don't have the right to say that we are following the same passage. Al Fatihah.

Semoga kita diberkati.

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