Sunday, January 30, 2011

Love For Gayong

            Since Gayong at Dublin reactivated we had to go to Dublin for a class every two weeks. We have to cover Limerick class every week and had to travel to Dublin every alternate week to teach. That's the sacrifice we had to made for the love of Gayong. All this sacrifice need time and money. For all that, we are doing it on our own expenses and just making sure that the knowledge of Gayong are passed through generation.

At Dublin

           But some people make this as their way of living but for us we are doing it for the love of the art. For us the knowledge can't be value with money. But as we know today's world, money are everything but for us money is not everything. We are not going to be rich by teaching . What we need is the blessing. Knowledge is to be taught and shared and that's what we are doing.

The Training

           But its not wrong to take or charge for training but it must be ridden-in . We are not charging for the knowledge but we are only  charging for the cost incurred. If we are back to the future , training in the old days the students brought food, look for firewood, doing all the housework and many things at the master house. This how they repaid their master for the teaching. Nowadays money replaced all that. But if we don't get any paid for that just do it for the love of the art. If the student rational enough he can think how to repay his master . Repayment can be made in so many ways and that's depends on individual.

Amir Join For The Training

           For us teaching in sincerely and passed all the knowledge to all the students is our responsibility. After the teaching its up to the students whether to keep by them self or spreading it back to newcomer who wanted to know the art. We are seeking the blessing of the teaching although we are only charging for the cost. But remember we don't make money from the teaching. You can live by teaching but you will not be rich. It's up to us ," ask themselves the chest pat" or in Malay "tepuk dada tanya selera".

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