Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Souq of Alhamadiyah

            Where ever we go in the Arab countries  we can find a souq.  Alhamadiyah  souq stand proudly in the heart of Damascus and located in the old city. Like the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, the souq is a great place for bargaining and of getting something that we need. Its  a point for many tourist to feel the hustle of the  trade and the living environment in the souq. When passing by the hollow way in the souq its a feeling like being in the era. As many other souq , you can find spices, jewellery, fashion, fruits, religious book and many more. Its a one stop place. But be careful when doing the bargain because some of the merchandise there are expensive from a shops outside 
Alhamadiyah Souq
            At the entrance of the souq waiting for the visitor are the coffee and tamarind seller. A coffee are offered in a small cup and its pure coffee. Its does not mixed with others , its totally hundred percent coffee, and the taste stick to the throat. If we choose to try the tamarind juice its taste very sour, but for surrounded by hot and dry weather I would prefer the tamarind , it will cool our throat.
Selling Tamarind Juice
          When passing by the alley in the souq , one shop impressed me. Its the ice cream shop. The shop were full with visitors and you have to queue to get a place in. Thumbs up to the shop which serve a very tasty and traditionally made ice cream. The ice cream was prepared instantly when order are made. With more than 5 experience staff they prepare the ice cream according to the old traditions. Its mixed with milk, pistachio and few more ingredients and are baked in a mortar and pounded . The end result  is a tasty and yummy traditional ice cream. 

Inside The Souq
            At  outside of the souq  stand  the statue of Salahuddin, a muslims leader who leads the crusade. And attach to the souq are the castle wall of the great Omayyad empire. We can still see the balance of the wall standing  proudly. There's a door in the wall that shows the way to a small park. Most of the Omayyad constructed building are included with a garden. From this wall entrance and the souq are the Muslims section or quarters during the era. If we go further into the souq at the end we will find a mosque. And that mosque is the famous and historical Omayyad mosque.

Crusade Statue

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