Saturday, January 8, 2011

Staying Alone

            After a few days staying at Kudsia , I was brought to the city to stayed at Rakonueddin . The apartment was three floor apartment and I was issued at first floor. Rakonuedin is about 10min walk approximately to the heart of Damascus. Surrounding the living quarters is another section or may we call it at our place another park. The rent is US400 for a month and at this value of rental its consider expensive, but if we would stay at a hotel, a five stars perhaps the charge per room will be around US200 per day. So renting an apartment are much cheaper than staying in a hotel.

City of Damascus
          Eventually I got my apartment after a few days delayed. When staying at a country where we are not familiar with their culture and attitude of the people , we must always cautious. I would advice to those who had a chance in life spreading Gayong as I did, be careful and always on alert wherever you are. Things can happen accidentally.  During my stay at Rakonueddin my door was knock many times by strangers. When I peep through the key hole, it was cork with a tissue and I couldn't see who is knocking at the door. When the knocking considerably frequent which I ignored it earlier, until one day fed up with the nuisance, I opened the door. Standing at the front door is a lady asking for a consideration for accepting her to clean the house. I refused for such proposal and suddenly she step her right foot  to enter, and with a quick reactions I slam the door which hit the entering feet. She shouted loudly and left the apartment immediately. Finally I caught my door knocker.

Similar Apartment At Rakonueddin
        I was wondering how does she know that a stranger renting an apartment , because upon staying there immediately the matter occurred. Is the real estate agents involved in this? The question still circling in my mind, but it make me more cautions this time. The incident is a normal to any stranger renting at Damascus, especially when we are alone traveler. If  I let the lady entered that day, what will happen is, a threat to me if she accusing me of raping her or the goods in the house might went missing. Usually this kind of act is to obtain money, and from information that I had, the lady that tried to extortion me is from Palestine. With so many races living in Damascus and mostly the immigrant are poor I'm not blaming them . But the act was wrong and the intention is not right. After the incident there's nothing to be heard again, but my level of cautious are at maximum after the event.

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