Thursday, January 20, 2011

Food In Syria

            Reach the country of Syria and feel the awesome Syria food. The term Syrian cuisine refers to the style and method of cooking in Syria.The cuisine is a diffusion of the cultures of civilizations that settled in Syria particularly during and after the Islamic era. With a combination of European cuisine and excitement of eastern spices, and that combination has been greatest influence on modern Arabic cuisine.


            Many traditional Syrian dishes are simple preparations based on grains , vegetables and fruits. Yogurt , cheese, cucumber,aubergines,sesame are harmoniously blended into numerous assorted medleys. The lamb or beef is the preferred based of the Syria food. One of the famous lamb or beef dishes is shish kebab , which will take five hours to prepared mixed with other ingredients.

Gordon Blue
Syrian Sweets

            The Syria food inclusive of dishes like kibbeh, humus, tabbouleh,fattoush, syawarma,sujuk and balawa. But typically starting a meal with mezze which are a simple salad and nut before going for the main course. Meals are usually followed by a hot drink of Arabic coffee or tea along with fruit, ice cream or desserts.Overall the dishes served in Syria no matter its traditional or modern dish that blend with fine ingredients is very tempting and delicious. I enjoyed the Syrian food very much. Yummy.

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