Monday, January 31, 2011

Dublin Castle

            Dublin Castle situated in the very heart of historic Dublin. Located at Dame Street Dublin, Ireland. Originally built as a defensive fortification for the city of Dublin. Later it evolved into a royal residence , resided in by the Viceroy of Ireland. It was the center of the  English colonial  administration in Ireland. The castle consists of a ballroom which is called Saint Patrick's Hall. It is one of the oldest rooms in the castle, inclusive with the most significant painting ceiling in Ireland. Next room is the Throne Room which act as a Battleaxe hall in the passed. The Drawing Room which act as a reception room for the Lordship.The oldest room in the castle are the Dining Room, and largely retain its original decoration.

Dublin Castle Information Board

           Despite all the luxurious living and administration center, the castle was the dungeons for state prison and the seat for parliament, which met in the Great Hall before the great fire. The Court of  Law and the Court of Exchequer also met at Dublin Castle. The castle further housed the repository of the Royal Treasury and the Royal Mint, army and police barracks,armaments factories and weapons store.

Dublin Castle Complex

Entrance To Dublin Castle

          With the vast quite orderly arrangements, Dublin Castle played a bigger role in the administration of Ireland in the 17th century. Touring the castle makes us understand the significant of the castle during the era. Through my odyssey spreading Silat Seni Gayong, visiting the historical site or monuments are a  compulsory in my diary because from there I can learn the culture and history of the place . This is an easier way to understand the people and the nations of the visiting country. Hoping one day that Silat Seni Gayong will be famous in Ireland as the importance of Dublin Castle during the time.

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