Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Saidina Abdullah ibn Jaafar al-Sadiq

           Saidina Abdullah al-Aftah ibn Jaafar al-Sadiq was the eldest son of Saidina Jaafar Ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq. He had a brother by the name Saidina Ismail ibn Jaafar al-Sadiq. Al-Aftah in his name derives from and Arabic words meaning broad headed , which are used to described his appearance.

Entrance To Saidina Abdullah al-Fatah Shrine
Writing About Saidina Abdullah
Saidina Abdullah ibn Jaafar al Sadiq Shrine

            His father Saidina Jaafar al-Sadiq is an Islamic scholar and a great contributor to Islamic studies.He was taught by his grand father Zainal Abidn since his child hood. After the death of his grand father he continued his learning from Muhammad al-Baqir.He became well versed in Islamic science , including hadith and the Quran . Such a knowledgeable men , he is also well versed in mathematics, philosophy, anatomy, astronomy and other subjects.He had many well known students such as Abu Musa ibn Hayyan which are Islamic chemist and well known to the western world as Geber. Imam Malik ibn Anas who quote 12 hadith from Saidina Jaafar al-Sadiq in his book Al-Muwatta are his student. So does Abu Haniffa  and Islamic scholar and jury.
            With a great family background Saidina Abdullah ibn Jaafar share the same legacy as his father.A great man to remember as his father and may peace be upon him and his family. Amin.                                                                                                                                                                   

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