Friday, January 7, 2011

Gayong Roar

            Gayong training was conducted at a rent dojo at a place nearby Rakonuddein. The dojo was belong to a Karate master . We make a booking to used the dojo in the morning. At present that time was Khalid and Ahmad Tailounie. These two men are the Gayong second  badge student after Yahya. Khalid had a background in Karate while Ahmad had a background  in  kickboxing, so does Yahya. Only Yahya had a silat uniform that time whilst Ahmad and Khalid just wear a comfortable attire that can suit their training.

The Dojo
            The dojo is quite a medium size dojo and was equip with necessary gadget for training purposes. There is a shower as well for cleaning after training. The floor was covered with mattress and the pole also covered. This is to protect any person when in training from running into the pole and injured themselves. Provided as well the punching bag from various sizes and weight. For sometime the dojo has been occupied for the kickboxing group training and the kicking bags are suitable for them when in training.

Khalid and Ahmad
In Training
         Upon entering the dojo , hop in my mind why don't Gayong have this kind of training places rather than train in the open space as traditional days. Although there's a few effort had been done by some instructors and I salute them of their effort to upgrade the training location. And I was wondering as well that Gayong had been spreading it's wing rapidly to the world but we did not have a proper training center that can be impressed and professional. During my travel spreading Gayong all the places I went their training places are up to the standard. I hope Gayong the organisation whether come from individual or the organisation itself making steps to provide a  more comfortable place for training up to world standard.

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