Sunday, March 20, 2011

Seni Rajawali - The Art Of Fingers Thrust

            Seni  Rajawali is an art of the hand thrust. When performing Seni Rajawali one must have a strong finger. The finger must be trained to be hardened. In order to get a harder finger a special training should be applied. Before going any Seni Rajawali training the students were instructed to strengthen their finger. In a warming up exercise they will be asked to do finger push up for strengthening the finger. The most significant and customary finger exercise in Silat Seni Gayong is a hand exercise using the green bean, frankincense and rock candy. All those materials are blend together and special kinds of training were passed to the students for training the fingers. A repeated hand and fingers exercise at a certain days end up with a strong hand and fingers.

Seni Rajawali - The Art of Finger Thrust

            After passed all the exercise the students will be asked to thrust their fingers into banana stem. A finger thrust will be result of the fingers penetrating the banana stem and those training will be repeated. All this training are a must while in a Seni Rajawali training before going into the art of striking based on Seni Rajawali method.

Seni Rajawali Striking

           Mistaken that were made by students while training in Seni Rajawali is considering the method in Seni Rajawali are like the attack of an eagle. This were made because they were not given enough understanding what is Seni Rajawali all about. Mostly the mistakes are in the art of striking where the method of scratching and slapping using the fingers are highly used. Where else the true art of Seni Rajawali are on fingers thrust. 

Seni Rajawali - The Art

           After all the hard training on the hand and fingers ,before passing the last striking techniques, the students will be test to thrust their fingers on plywood at a size of 1cm. If they manage to penetrate the plywood they are eligible to receive the last striking techniques. The training in preparing the hand and fingers for Seni Rajawali techniques are not an easy task, it need a full concentration in training and a highly discipline attitude to achieve this art of fingers thrust. I hope with this brief explanations will enhance the knowledge of Seni Rajawali for all Silat Seni Gayong practitioners.
                                    “ Harden your body improved your skill be the master.”


  1. Assalamualaikum Cg. Wan.

    Cikgu apa habaq? Bila agaknya cikgu nak buat sambungan kursus Seni Rajawali ni cikgu? Kursus-kursus lain ka, dah rindu nak rasa buah tangan cikgu ni.

    Hazil KSSG

  2. Hazil..khabar baik..insyaAllah tunggu sedara Azhar kita pulang kedarat dulu ..nnt kita sambung..nnt sy bagi tau..


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