Thursday, January 6, 2011


            I got a called from the airport informing me that my luggage had been found and its at the airport. Earlier there are too many speculation , some say that I would not get my luggage back, some say that I must accept that the luggage was gone and so many this and that. For me my luggage are so valuable not because of the personnel effects in it but the most precious picture of my late teacher ,the late Dato Meor Abdul Rahman are in the bag. I can loose everything but not the whole bunch of his picture that I wanted to show to the students at Syria. There's no replacement of  Dato's picture if my luggage couldn't be trace or found, that's the only original picture that I got from his home in Air Kuning, Taiping. Other valuables that I have from his legacy is his shirt, which I kept in closely.

Back To Syria Airport
           Almost few days I have been loan a shirt from Yahya and finally I will get my personnel things back. Finally after get ready we head straight to the airport. Upon reaching the airport I went instantly to the baggage claim office and make my claim. When seeing my bag , what a relieved flowing in me. Quickly hang onto it and started leaving the compound. On the way I was inspected by the airport custom and was asked to open the bag. I was worried earlier because in the bag beside my shirts and silat uniform there also a short staff  which I brought for the training  purposes. I was asked by the custom why I was carrying a staff in my bag, before I answered it he noticed my silat uniform and belt. Immediately he greeted me and said that am I a Karate practitioner and I say silat its a Malay self defense and he just nodded.

          It was a very happy moment upon receiving my bag. When I asked earlier the baggage claim officer where did he locate my bag. I was told that my bag was mistaken loaded into a plane to Beirut and was trace there. Luckily my luggage manage to find his way back to his master. I make some checking and everything is in order, there's no break in effort to it. Everything is in one piece.

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