Friday, September 18, 2015

A Master

Martial Arts is a passion for some and business for others. The development of the art brings people together in a room for sharing no matter what the atmosphere are. We cross over with many method of doing so. In a modern way as we call it , it will be done in a seminar or by video which can be found on the net. While on the traditional method we have to attend a class at the dojo. What make a bit interesting for me when attending a traditional class is when the students making assessments of their master without knowing comparing to the modern method where they only comes to add techniques for their own various purposes.

I have been sharing and has been a guidance on Silat Seni Gayong in various countries from continent to continent. Thru my vast experiences I noticed that some of the students who attending the class looking at you as an instructor and circling in their mind whether you are capable to guide them without you been notified. They are not assessing your skill but they are judging your capability of your fitness or body conditioning and many side of yourself. As for them the body conditioning in martial arts are not the same as what other fitness centre are concentrate on. A fitness on traditional martial arts are more than that. They will judge how you react on your exercise and from there they will make the judgments on your was so called a master.

Gambar Hiasan
The judgments are view on your energetic , your breathing when doing the exercise, your endurance doing with them. For them this are the real master which has been training for many years and should have all that qualities. A master is not from what he write or said, a master is what he can perform perfectly on any ground of his style ,shown and guide a correct way of doing  internally and externally. A master is a person who will be surveillance by their respective students and verified that they are the true one.

Fitness in martial arts are not only the warming up exercise , the tone of muscle, the cardio etc , but it is also include of the style way of performing their form such as punching, kicking etc. A fitness also include the method of techniques, applications etc. Your endurance when your colleague perform a techniques on you. All this are an aspects taken by your students assessing you whether your are really a master in your own art. Being a true master is not an easy task, to be there it take years of devotion to the art. It is not an overnight achievements and there is no short cut when climbing the ladder. A master is not what you ware on your waist , a master is what you really can guide and share perfectly with your students . A master is  a person of well equip with his art and a perfect book for the students to finish their understanding of the art. A master is not a person who act as a master which surrounding on his own world and a day dreamer all his life. A master is a person who will be judge by their respective students in many ways of their life and will be remembered in the heir days for all his deeds for his beloved arts.

Semoga kita semua diberkati.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Silat Seni Gayong Perform at Tong-Tong Festival, Holland 2015

Tong- Tong Fair {Festival} at Den Haag[ The Hague], Holland is a very prestigious event every year since 1959.It was organised by Tong-Tong Foundation to foster Indies Eurasian Culture and to broaden public knowledge of its history. It was started out as Pasar Malam Tong-Tong in the late fifties, was called Pasar Malam Besar in the seventies and changed its name to Tong-Tong Fair in 2009. A theater programmed name as Tong-Tong Festival was introduced in 2005 to accommodate the various culture performance. It is also the annual event with the highest number of paying visitors of the Dutch city of The Hague, having consistently attracted more than 100,000 visitors since 1993.The celebration was for 10days annually from 27 May till 7 June.

Explaining The Concept of Silat Seni Gayong

Sharing Some Simple Gayong Techniques
Silat Seni Gayong was invited for the first time to perform at this event in 2015.Together under an organisation banner Silat Melayu Netherlands which represents all origin of Silat Melayu as a body, Gayong was  be honored to be at the festival. The place was full with culture merchandise ,cuisine, handmade product etc mainly from Indonesia and not to forget our beloved Malaysia.

Senior Audience Trying Out Gayong Technique

Adult Audience Ready for More Gayong Knowledge Sharing

Some of The Audience

The Senior Wearing A Cap On The Right decided To Join The Future Training.
It was started at 15h00 and Silat Seni Gayong will give a bengkel [workshop] about the method of defense, health, safety in training, curriculum etc. It was an 2 hours session explaining and answering , participating from the audience ,all about Silat Seni Gayong. Most of the audience are very keen and interested in defending them self in different situation thru the philosophies of Gayong. Health concern also playing a bigger role especially for the seniors audiences. In conclusion the audiences felt happy with all the sharing and at the end of the bengkel, Silat Seni Gayong was been praised and been thrown a comment that," we never knew about so much knowledge in the art and this is the first time we ever experience it live". Alhamdulillah,AlFatihah to Dato Meor and all Gayong members for the support and barakah.

Silat Seni Gayong Keris Demonstration

Silat Seni Gayong Combat Demonstration
Then at 19h30 Silat Seni Gayong perform the demonstration together with other Silat Melayu on stage live for 45 minutes. The demonstration was end successfully.The memory of performing at Tong-Tong will remain as an another historical development of Silat Seni Gayong to expanding thru out the world and the dream of the founder has been granted. 

Semoga kita semua diberkati.


Friday, June 5, 2015

Kasih Sayang SeGayong

Gayong has produced many prominent students throughout the years since it started at Singapore in late 1938. The brotherhood remain strong although was lost in contact for almost 40years. Recently we had a chance to meet one and only leaving students of the late and legendary Dato Meor at his house in Singapore. He is known as Haji Said bin Haji Osman, an old men at the age of 82years and still going strong if compared with his ages. According to him we are the first Gayong's brother that was invited by him to make a visit since he was no longer active in training. Haji Said was learning Gayong in the beginning  year or era 1940.

Haji Said- second from left
During his years with Gayong , when Malaysia was separated with Singapore he travelled with his wife to Air Kuning, Taiping Perak from Singapore just to meet his beloved teacher Dato Meor Abdul Rahman. The event captured in the seventies and spend time at Taiping for the purpose. He met his wife form the training of Gayong and they felt in love and got married. His wife Fatimah was one of his partners when performing Silat Seni Gayong demonstration anywhere when they were instructed to perform.

Haji Said with his wife Fatimah performing a demonstration
We arrived a bit late at his house because we had stop at another Gayong's brother house earlier. As usual when a Gayong met with Gayong the time is always jealous of the meeting. We were received by Haji Said with warmth and we were served with satay,roti jala,some kuih est. lot of foods and eat as you burst. A typically hospitality of the Malays.

Haji Said and Fatimah in the middle at present day
Topic were about Gayong in the early days, the relationship , the struggle, the vision, the wisdom etc It is all still fresh in his mind just like it was happened yesterday. He was very happy and glad to meet us and his wishes has comes through .

After we left , he contacted us again by phone and politely saying how happy he is to meet us and hoping to gather again in near future. The teaching of the late founder Dato Meor Abdul Rahman has touch of loving between all his students no matter the difference. That is Silat Seni Gayong all about LOVING and no hatred or negative aura living within . Always will be love, love and love. It is remind me of Bob Marley song "could it be loved". For all Silat Seni Gayong brother lets strong our relationship with love {kasihsayang}. Thanks Haji Said for the warmth reception, may you preserved the good health and live a beautiful life.

Semoga kita semua diberkati

Monday, May 18, 2015

Siapakah Yang Memiliki Ilmu Gayong? sambungan bahagian #7

Tersentap ia dari keasyikannya dan tumpuannya mula berkumandang akan misteri "se" yang dijejakinya selama ini. Sudah puas ia meredah belukar dan lurah namun misteri "se" masih menghantui fikirannya dan kadang-kadang membuatkan dia hilang punca dan menimbulkan tanda tanya. Kenapakah ianya sukar menemui jawapannya menerjah acap kali dalam benak minyak otaknya. Semangatnya merungkai misteri ini terus segar bugar apabila teringat akan pesan gurunya.Bingkas bangun ia mempersiapkan dirinya dengan bersiram, mengurut lima anggotanya dengan penuh teliti.

Sesudah itu ia pun bersemayam sebaik mungkin dengan iringan deruan lagak berdendang lagunya. Rentak nada yang kadang-kadang sayu kadang-kadang mendayu kadang-kadang keras. Bila terkenang menitis airmatanya kerana pencarian "se" nya masih tidak ditemukan. Rasa kepenatan dan kejemuan mula menghambat dirinya dan mulalah ia mengelamun kedengaran bisikan-bisikan yang menyuruh ia batalkan saja niatnya.

Credit to Google
Namun apabila memandang kehijauan daun-daun yang kepelbagaian menzahirkan kekuatan agar keterusan ia melayari merungaki misteri ini. Satu demi satu lembaran tawarikh perjalanannya diungkapkan dibelai. Dibimbangi tertinggal petunjuk sehingga ia masih gagal menemuinya. Diamati betul-betul akan lembaran tersebut,Dinilai, ditafsirkan akan setiap kisah perjalanannya dengan mengingati semula petunjuk yang diberi oleh gurunya dahulu.

Matanya tertumpu seketika , terdetik nalurinya , inilah yang ia terlepas pandang sehingga kan gabungan perjalanannya hampir tidak sempurna. Diamati ia sekali lagi dengan teliti akan bait-bait perjalannanya itu. Ia tersenyum sendirian, teringat akan dia betapa lemahnya makhluk ini sehingga dilalaikan dari melihat akan keajaiban yang telah dibentangkan. Mengucap istigfar ia beberapa kali, dan nalurinya menyatakan inilah kunci akan terurainya misteri "se" yang disusuri selama ini.

Begitu yakin kelihatan disinaran matanya menampakkan semangatnya kembali pulih. Hidayah tuhan berpihak padanya kali ini. Dalam keasyikan ia yakin menemui apa yang dicarinya. tiba-tiba bahunya ditepuk  dari sisi. Dilihat ia akan gurunya berdiri disisinya dengan penuh bergaya lagak hulubalang yang bersiap siaga dalam semua suasana. Ia hanya mendongak melihat kan kelibat gurunya ini. Hatinya kembali tenang bila melihat kehadiran gurunya disisi dan bolehlah beliau mengesahkan penemuannya itu.

Gurunya masih berdiam disitu, mungkin menunggu ia mulakan bicara.Baharu saja ia mahu berkata-kata, gurunya melontarkan satu perkataan yang diulangi sebanyak tiga kali dan ditiup kesabaran dalam dirinya. Tunduk longlai tengkuknya bertafakur dan kembali ia duduk dalam ketenangan, Seketika detik ditoleh semula kelihatan gurunya sudah menghilang entah kemana. Terlintas dalam hatinya apakah maksud gurunya tadi........


semoga kita diberkati.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Siapakah Pewaris Yang Layak Menyampaikannya..?

Makin lama makin terkeliru kita dengan pelbagai andaian dan jawapan tersendiri akan hal adat persandangan malah semua yang bersangkutan dengan adat dan ilmu dalam Silat Seni Gayong ini.Ia dilihat dan diterima dengan baik jika ianya membina, tanpa meninggalkan atau mengenepi atau membuang terus apa yang telah disusun yang telah dan mendapat pengesahan pengasasnya sendiri. Beliau sedia maklum akan hal tersebut,persoalannya kita yang terlalu ramai menunjuk tahu dalam hal yang kita tidak tahu. Tidak mengapa tidak tahu carilah untuk tahu jangan tidak tahu tapi buat-buat tahu.

Pertabalan dan penganugerahan sandang dalam Silat Seni Gayong selepas tiadanya Almarhum Dato Meor Abdul Rahman siapakah pewaris yang layak menyampaikannya. Untuk menjadi pewaris penyampaian ini kenalah dilihat beberapa kriteria yang penting :

1]  Mempunyai ilmu tentang adat istiadat penyampaian,pertabalan sandang kebesaran Silat Seni Gayong ini. Mungkin kita akan bertanya apakah ilmunya itu? Silat Seni Gayong ini bersendikan adat dan meletakkan islam sebagai keutamaannya yang tidak berubah. Pelaksanaan ilmu semasa menjalankan majlis ini perlulah diketahui adat tertibnya sebelum , semasa dan selepas. Persediaan sebelum majlis bagaimana, dalam erti kata susun aturnya, peralatannya dan lain-lain.Jika dikatakan adat Gayong ini adat istana Raja-raja maka perlu ada semua ini. Semasa pelaksanaannya pula bagamana adat dan adapnya, bagaimana doa dan lafaznya, bagaimana penerimaannya dan lain-lain. Pengakhirannya selepas penerimaannya, diketahui atau tidak tugas dan fungsinya, bagaimana mahu menjaga adap dan tertibnya dan lain-lain. 

2]  Penyampai mestilah menerima mandat dan diijazahkan akan ilmu dan segala kaedah pertabalan sandang ini.Cara ini akan menurunkan sanad pengijazahannya kepada yang berkelayakan dengan ilmu yang dituntutnya dalam Silat Seni Gayong ini. Pengijazahan ini adalah satu pengiktirafan dari yang mempunyai kuasa dan ilmunya tentang hal adat istiadat penyandangan ini. Sebagai contoh pengijazahan Almarhum Dato Meor kepada anak-anak Gayong yang taat setia untuk menjalankan perkara ini seperti Cikgu Kalsom dan lain-lain.

3]  Ilmu yang dimiliki ini mestilah ilmu yang dituntut bukan ilmu yang diikut-ikutan. Banyak sudah yang terjadi mengambikira penyampaian pertabalan sandang ini satu kerja yang mudah sekadar menyandang dan meletakkan keris dibahu.Bukan sahaja dalam hal penyandangan dan hal lain juga berlaku pelangaraan adat istiadat Silat Seni Gayong ini sebagai contoh dalam hal perlimau dan lain-lain.Jika kita tiada pengijazahannya maka tidak perlulah kita mahu berlakon yang kita tahu cukuplah sekadar kita menjadi penyokong dan bersama berkerjasama dalam pengendaliannya dan sesama kita mencari keberkahannya.
Contoh Gambar Design dan Saiz Sandang Lengkap Yang Ada Dalam Simpanan Penulis

Itulah ciri-ciri penting perlu diambil kira.Ilmu perlu diteruskan dan bukan hilang dalam perjalanan.Ilmu yang diteruskan ini mesti dan wajib mempunyai jalinannya yang benar akan ilmunya itu.Jadi bagi sesiapa sahaja yang mempunyai kriteria dan tanggungjawab sedemikan maka jalankanlah tugas dengan jujur dan ikhlas suapaya kita bersama mendapat berkatnya.Dato Meor Abdul Rahman sudah meninggalkan kita, yang tinggal dengan kita berkatnya sebagai guru.Janganlah kita cemari institusi yang telah dibina ini, marilah kita bersama memartabatkannya mengikut perjalanan tuntutan keilmuan yang benar.Memang pahit untuk mengaku akan kelemahan diri dan kekurangan tapi itulah sebahagian nikmat yang kita tidak mahu rasainya.

Semoga dengan pencerahan ini dapat membuka minda anak-anak Gayong dan bersama memertabatkan Gayong ini agar saling berpadu menuju hajat yang dituju dengan penuh keberkatan.

Semoa kita semua diberkati.

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