Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gayong Arrival

            After exchanging few emails and agreed date finally I made my trip to Syria. Flying with Qatar Airways , leaving KLIA at night and transit at Doha. Arriving Doha in the evening and waited at the airport for almost seven hours for transit to Damascus. The weather at Doha airport at that time , since its at night a little bit cold and if in the day definitely its going to be sweating since that its summer. Although hot and dry but the air conditioning doing good work chilling at the compound. Doha airport is a medium size airport but busy with transit passenger running for their next flight. Most of the community at that time waiting and working at the airport consists of Philippines, Bangladesh and Indian. At last my called for flight to Damascus emerged.

            Arriving at Damascus airport safely, and while viewing my way out from the carrier I can see the setting and geographical  location. If earlier when departing Malaysia we can see green coloured scenery, upon reaching it has turned into yellow. But from the top the dessert colour are beautiful with the kind of wave moving its path. Anyway after getting my passport stamp, strictly as usual straight to the baggage collection point. I waited and waited until most of the passengers one by one left, I couldn't locate my luggage. Making a complain to the airport luggage administrator and after a checking is confirm that my luggage are missing . I wouldn't  have my clothes for changed since that all my belonging are in the bag. What I'm carried with me is my camera and a small backpack with important documents. The officer will ring me if they manage to locate where is my luggage where a bouts.

Baggage Point
         Waiting outside is my student Yahya Alam , anxiously wondering what when wrong because there's no shadow of me can be seen approaching the arrival hall. He called up my mobile and did enquire what's the problem. I explained to him the situation. Quite sometime and after settling my documentation, reporting of my missing luggage I finally came out to the arrival hall. A smile came out from my student and warm welcoming me to Syria.

Syria Airport
           Leaving the airport with a chartered taxi , straight to the city center Damascus, and along the way I can see a lot of restaurants advertisement . Quite a busy city Damascus , and a historical and " barakah" place as it was known as Syam previously. We stopped at at a restaurant to have our dinner. The restaurant interior is so nice and beautiful, a looks way back, feeling like we are in the old days. We had a Kebab that night and surprised  me when my student Yahya ordered a kilo of it. It was so delicious, and I had kebab before back in Turkey but the taste is not as tasty as this one. After filling the belly , I was took to Yahya's house at Kudsia to spend my night there. Although I'm exhausted due for a long haul transit at Doha but feel so happy to be at Syam spreading Gayong to the land of' " barakah".

To City Center


  1. wah...
    jauh nmpaknye pengembaraan cikgu ye...
    moga usaha cikgu
    akan dapat mnimbulkan hasil.

    saya bangga dgn cikgu...
    cikgu yg byk mengajar saya erti perjuangan dan

    pengorbanan yang sebenar...

    kini nama cikgu pn makin dikenali..

  2. terima kasih jugak kepada semua ..krna selama ini saling membantu..krna itu juga la matlamatnya..sama sendiri bantu membantu segala hajat baru lah dapat di tuju...


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