Saturday, June 4, 2011

Syafaat Wujud

            Silat Seni Gayong is full of customary etiquette which has been preserved from generations. Of  all the entire custom event such as “Khatam Keris’, “Perlimau Tapak” and many more, there are one custom event that has been forgotten. This memorable custom was terms as “Syafaat Wujud”. The words “syafaat” are from “sheen-fa-ain” which has the following meaning such as to make something to be one of a pair or couple and in other meaning to join one with another, so as to become one of the pair, to aid him. While “wujud” are Arabic words and after translated to mean existence and presence, being or substance or entity.

Syafaat Wujud Are Perform At The Sea

             In the context of Silat Seni Gayong which has been words by the late founder and revised by the late ultimate beneficiaries, “Syafaat Wujud” is an event of customs carried out in the sea to remove the needle from “perlimau tapak” or “perlimau seni”. When performing this custom event there are a specified words or “seruan” read during the event. Symbolically those event are believe if the needle amount are such and with the blessed of Almighty the amount of Gayong practitioner  will be replaced according to the number of the needles.

Needles From Perlimau Seni or Tapak

            This event are rarely conducted and the last it was done is in the year 1997 with the trust order from the late founder after 6 years of his deceased. The custom event was conducted in the straits of Malacca and performs successfully. There are many unknown and preserved custom event which has not been perform anymore due to circumstances and lack of knowledge or a qualified person to chair it. With rich full of custom event in Silat Seni Gayong in a traditions is too mysterious and ancient should be maintain which will be a treasure trove of valuable Malay.

                                                 “ Seni Gayong Seni Beradat”

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