Thursday, March 14, 2013

Seni Harimau Kumbang

While searching what topic to be share, with all the interest Silat Seni Gayong readers seeking for the knowledge, I was asked by some anak Gayong to write about Seni Harimau Kumbang. To fulfill his request here is what I was told about this art. 

What is Seni Harimau Kumbang?

Seni Harimau Kumbang is another art of the cat family, of techniques using all natural tools of the human body to apply striking and the blows are targeted to the nerve point. A striking leaving no blood and leave the prey lying stiff dead. Also known as Pukulan Maut Harimau Kumbang, these devastating striking techniques are rarely discussed and talk among the practitioners.

There are 21 techniques of this art where number 21 represent the hulubalang, an old Malay custom in numbers. It represent as well 21 steps of the famous Malacca warrior. Although the target areas are based on the nerve point, Seni Harimau Kumbang or Pukulan Maut Harimau Kumbang also targeted to the joint of the body using all the tools possible. The techniques are done with full agility, full accuracy that will destroy the aggressor rapidly.

Sekadar Gambar Hiasan

Seni Harimau Kumbang is a techniques starting with a knuckle or in Gayong terms as emas sepukal with a counted distance of making the blow a deadly whether by hard or soft. It is a technique of cunning movement and a speed of untouchable between each of the continuous application.

Pukulan Maut Harimau Kumbang is a technique with an attack high and low, leaping and turning, and target vulnerable area in a high speed pursuit. It is rarely demonstrate and rarely taught among the practitioners. A well knowledgeable guru has this knowledge and maybe it is not time to share with their student or maybe has been share only to the loyal student.

There is a terms or name on each techniques such as Terkam Harimau,Sepak Harimau and so on.  For an example of the techniques, foot forward applying emas sepukal ,sambar jerung,humban mayat, silang dayong ( not a complete application set of movement). I share this with the not complete terms in the movement purposely because to preserve the secret of the art. For those who are interested of knowing you may have to visit, to learn from the guru that still preserve this knowledge.

The best mode of understanding this art is feeling the techniques by itself. Reading is a method to open the mind for a better understanding. I hope with this exposure will keep us the phase of understanding more of our beloved art. Until then happy seeking and training.

Semoga kita diberkati.

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