Monday, August 6, 2012

Machete Full Concept

Silat Seni Gayong early training with mastering the langkah and empty hand techniques consists of grappling, striking etc. Upon mastering it continues in handling the weapons, started with a weapon with the criteria of thrusting, flipping or hacking, combining of those two methods etc. I would like to share with you the art of flipping or hacking using the machete.

In Malay Archipelago there are various kind of machete for various used. The used of machete in self defense of the Malay are also consists of variety of design and purposes. I am only going to share the art of machete in the concept of Silat Seni Gayong. The most important criteria of getting a machete that are suitable to be used are calculated on the length and size of it. The length must be calculated from the size of each individual that was measure from the size of the head. The width of it is at the size of two or two and a half of the fingers size. The important of the size taken is for making it suitable for the user in terms of manoeuvring, weight and handling when it is used. 

After all the measurements and the machete are ready, it was given to the instructor to check. The instructor will recite a doa to neutralise the iron blade so as not to cause a severe injury if any mistake happen during the training. Only a knowledgeable instructor has these abilities, and in the old days of training these steps is apply. Nowadays the traditional way was left out and many of the adat and adap were no longer followed.

Seni Parang

When everything is in order accordingly the students will be taught the art of hacking. It is started with a flipping downwards with a ninety degree horizontal position, vertical, forty five degree position, attacking techniques from top to ground and varieties attacking manoeuvre. Then it continues with avoiding techniques which are related to the attacking movements for making the students familiar working in pairs in a continuously movements.

The art continues with striking, grappling and pairs movements with speed, timing and footwork for the students truly mastering the total concept. The application of training once they had in the unarmed combat helps in this category in making speed, endurance, timing, accuracy etc. 

The training doesn’t stop only on the techniques, it continues in first aid if any unnecessary things happen especially in the pair’s application movements. The method of petua nafas is also taught in order to the students be equip as a master in this art of machete.

Overall the training in the art of machete in Silat Seni Gayong in the heir days is well complete and this style of training has changed nowadays where many only concentrate only part of it. I really hope the style of training in the old days been preserved of making sure as what we called the art of the Malay warrior of Silat Seni Gayong uplifted as it was before.

                                                Seni parang indah sekali,
                                                Jika kita mengetahui,
                                                Jangan kita rasa berpuashati ,
                                                Yang ada belum pasti diselami

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