Sunday, November 14, 2010


            Mossa Zaher Teemul are one of my student at Mauritius that travel a most from his country to Malaysia for training. Some friend called him Mossa , but I called him Mr T, taken from his name Teemul and shorten it out to T. Mossa or nickname T working with a police department in Mauritius and a very ambitious person. He loves to venture into business and for over the past years he venture into many kind of trade. This is because the trader blood are flown within his body , all his family are involved in business.

Teemul trying the boiling oil

Teemul in training
           I  knew Teemul since I step my foot at Mauritius and we have been a friend since then.When the first time he came to Malaysia I compliments him staying with my family at my small hut.Even if Im in Mauritius I stay at his place as well, we are more like a family, that is Gayong brotherhood and family.He is the first student from Mauritius to initiate in "perlimau seni" . I have given my blessing to Teemul to continue teaching at Mauritius.

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