Sunday, March 13, 2011

Panchong Dayong

           Panchong Dayong as we called in Silat Seni Gayong is a technique of striking which the act is like rowing of a boat. While performing this technique the hand must be parallel and moving from right to left if it is right hand, and opposite from the other hand. Must making sure the hand that deliver the movement must in a straight mode. Before starting performing Panchong Dayong the students must standing in a ready position. When standing in the position the students must making sure that the palm are facing forward. The mistake that we make in training is positioning the hand in a wrong way. The palm of the hand must face forward instead of the finger. And when delivering this technique the palm of the hand must face the cheek. The movements of the hand must in a parallel order when in a motion. Delivering a Panchong Dayong in this mode will generate energy and a blow of the striking may result in a solid strong impact. What was hidden behind these techniques is the breathing method. Do we realise that before performing this techniques we are gathering the energy surrounding us. When we are in a position of preparing our stance towards this position makes sure that our hands are crossed. From the hand cross position we pulled our hand backwards towards our lateral and face the palm forward. While in that motion make sure that we inhale our breath. If we have getting used on inhaling we can feel the energy is generating on our palms. In order to have a right method of breathing a student should refer to the instructors. This writing is just highlighting the method that hidden behind the techniques. Have a pleasant training.

Panchong Dayong

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