Saturday, February 12, 2011

Serangan Maut or Combat The Introductory

          “Serangan Maut”( fatal attacks)  is the original terms of movement of countering an attack. The terminology changed when Silat Seni Gayong has been given a chance to train the Malay Regiment and Police Force in the early seventies. From that day “serangan maut” has renown as combat. Whatever the terminology are serangan maut or combat is a concept of delivering a counter attack to the opponent. The counter attack would be fatal to the attackers if it was delivered accurately. 

Strike To The Rear

           In Silat Seni Gayong  this techniques was taught since early learning. As been told that these fatal attacks are like the attack had been made by a tiger while hunting. In an imaginations a hungry tiger or a wounded or a harassed tiger defending or carry out that techniques. In order to have an accurate counter attack on serangan maut or combat techniques, one must have a position that was counted from the body movement and footwork and point of attack. From a body movement and footwork it generates energy and power of striking that will be delivered to the necessary vital point. If you got it right a Gayong experts can drop down an opponent within a second with a single blow. It takes years to mastering the correct techniques just in order to get the perfections.

Srtike To The Eyes
            Let’s share out of the many combat or serangan maut techniques here. In training the students are taught to perform an attack together with the movement of the foot. This is a fundamental training method which can be applied to various kinds of attack system and an appropriate form of attacks. When an attack has been made whether by stepping your feet forward or not serangan maut or combat application can be generated. For example in the first serangan maut or combat technique which the terms in Malay “Patah Dayong Nasi Hangit”( Broken Paddle burnt Rice) the application is to move your body to the side avoiding from the attack. From that position turned back the body to the opposite direction and at the same time countering an attack behind the ears. If you got it correct to the vital point with these kinds of blow it can be finish in seconds. Starting with that first shocking attack it will be followed by further attacks which will be holding the hands and the other will pulled the hair or eyes or respiratory tract or the chin to be pulled backward until the opponent is bending. It will be finished with a sweep to the leg and a knee in his hand and a pulled chin for the final strike. All these are done in a moment of seconds. In these techniques if you missed the first strike you always have next striking to be made and all those strike are fatal.

Blocking The Respiratory

Sweeping The Leg

          Learning and teaching this kind of techniques is not to be the greatest but to make you understand science especially in the anatomy and nerve system for better future health and kindness to human kind and be humble in our act for a better living. For those who read this blog writing and are interested to learn Silat Seni Gayong to seek for the qualified instructors and learning martial arts is not for fighting but learning martial arts is to accumulate energy in the body for health and form the personality to the universal life.

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