Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sepak Lurus - Lambong Kemudi - The Concepts

            In Silat Seni Gayong , front kick were divided into two. Both looks similar but the terminology are already different. Sepak Lurus or front kick can be defined as a movement of leg kicking or thrusting forward at a certain speed. Lambong Kemudi can be defining as a lift or swing of a leg to the higher level in a motion or movements.

            Let elaborate on Sepak Lurus. Performing a Sepak Lurus is at a level of a waist and thrust with the ball of the sole in doing kicks. Sepak Lurus is techniques of destroying an attack. With a correct Sepak Lurus it generates energy, speed and power of the kicks. The targets of a Sepak Lurus are in the area of the groin up to the chest. The Sepak Lurus are used to destruct any attack. 

Sepak  Lurus

            While Lambong kemudi is training techniques to generate speed, stability and flexibility of the kicks. When performing Lambong Kemudi makes sure we kick our leg as high as we can and both hand with grasps covering the groin. From this training techniques will prepared the Silat Seni Gayong students before performing the Sepak Lurus. 

Lambong  Kemudi

            What a beautiful arrangements of method in Silat Seni Gayong in making ready and understanding to their practitioners in the art of front kick. Most of the time we always mistaken that both of the techniques are the same when performing or delivering a kicks.

            That’s why Lambong Kemudi is taught in the beginning stage of Silat Seni gayong syllabus to prepare the students for the next stages. There is where the stability and flexibility, speed and power were really enhanced before were teach on Sepak Lurus which are more on destruction. With such arrangements of, in training will prepared the students not only know the exact techniques but to be a mastered of this lovely ancient art of the Malay. I hope with these brief explanations on Sepak Lurus and Lambong Kemudi will making sure that we have the better understanding on both concepts. Have pleasure and great training.

                                                       “ Rahsia DiSebalik Rahsia”

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