Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Sepak Juring" Or Side Kick - The Training Concept

            In Silat Seni Gayong the pupil are taught various kind of kicking techniques. The kicking method are such as “sepak juring”, “ tolak lintang” , “sepak Rajang”, “ sepak layang”, “lambung kemudi” and many more. Most of the movement in kicking are synonym to it terminologies. In Silat Seni Gayong there are kicking techniques just to stabilise the stances of the practitioners and there are kicking for defensive and weaken the opponent. Over here I am not going too emphasized on all of the kicking techniques.    What I am going to share here is on “sepak juring” or side kick.

Lifting The Leg

          Silat seni Gayong disciple are taught to train their “sepak juring” or side kick by stretching their legs 180 degrees and the same level as the body waist. In the concept of Silat Seni Gayong this position and style of kicking could generate energy to the movement. The concepts should generate 100 percent of the kicking energy. In order to get the accurate kicking method the pupil were asked to lift the leg up and the same time perform the “sepak juring” or side kick. If the application should be perform correctly the techniques could be apply to a short distance while avoiding. It will work as fast as a hand. If a combination of feet and hand the result is much more impressive.

Sepak Juring or Side Kick
The Combinations - Hand and Feet

           How the training should be to get to this correctly. Firstly the students were taught to stabilise their position or stances in a count of five foot movement. The foot were pivot to the separate side in a motion foot moves with a count of five steps. After having the correct stances the pupil will be asked to up lift their feet and standing on one foot, bending their body to either side and perform the kick using the soles and heels. The techniques should be repeated until the kicks are perfected. While perform the kicking the pupil must making sure the foot that make the standing been pivot in order to get the correct position. The students should repeat on both side of the leg. When stretching makes sure that the leg were push out. The concept of “sepak juring” or side kick must be accurate with the point of kicking to the opponent body. Combinations of all these techniques will bring about result that cannot be described. Improved your skill and enjoy your training. “ Hidup Silat Seni Gayong”.

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