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Dougga Heritage Sites

             Dougga is an ancient city of the Roman in northern Tunisia. Situated in the mountain inland of Tunisia, in an area that was densely populated by the Numidians. The city served as one of the capitals of Massinissa, an Roman ally, and one of contenders to Carthage. It first as an important military post and with the arrival of the Roman it became the regional administrative centre. The whole area is about 3km square and among the most important ruins of the Roman era. The capitol of Dougga is one of the most impressive remain from the Roman era. Built in 166 CE, its 10metre high walls stand almost like the day it was inaugerated.

          Walking around Dougga note the pavement with its herring bone pattern. The quality of the work is quite impressive , and quite a high percentage of modern stonemasons would blush if they would investigate the ancient skills.

           There are plenty of houses of  Dougga, and they can roughly be divided  into two types. Carthaginian had entrance leading into a court, then with the entrance to the side into the dwelling quarters. Roman on the other hand , had direct access into the dwelling quarters.

Dougga Ruins

          The cisterns of Dougga are impressive, was a fabulous system for providing Dougga with steady water deliverances. The system, where there were seven vaulted chambers , each were constructed to have no leakage. Each chamber was separate from the others, so that problems with one would not lead to stop in water deliveries. Water was delivered by aqueduct , as it is in this part of the world, little or no water was carried in the summer.

          It was estimated around 20 to 30,000 persons lived here during the era, and shops , stores , baths , latrines, wash room , gymnasiums bring them to life. Stone streets bear the grooves of chariot wheels and in the silent , wind swept afternoon one can almost hear their clatter.

The Ruins Of Ancient Roman City Of  Dougga

         Dougga or Thugga is perhaps among the most touching of the 200 or more Roman sites in Tunisia as one cannot help the feeling it stands. In the sixth century the Byzantine conquered the area as part of their reconquest of the old Roman provinces and held it until seventh century when it was lost along with the rest of the province to the Islamic invasion. In 1997 Dougga was recognised as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO , believing that it represents the best preserved Roman small town in North Africa.

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