Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quality or Quantity

            At present in Silat Seni Gayong we can overcome with various high ranking personnel. It is very common nowadays to meet with personnel with “Bengkong Pelangi Kuning” and” Bengkong Hitam Harimau Pelangi Chula Sakti”.

            Yes! Life has change, I admit, and the systems have changed too. I still remembered during the era of the late founder it is very rare to come across all this. Because of the rareness some people said , “Hitam, jarang-jarang , Kuning , kadang-kadang, Merah, banyak-banyak”, its brought a meaning that the quality of the ranking are really control and only a qualified person are awarded with it.

            If compare too at present the systems are totally out of control and the awarded system can be mentioned as cronyism , and this systems create chaos in the whole organisation because quantity supersede quality. What went wrong? Are we to eager of having this kind of structure or such a system should be made to comply to the rapid growth or it is very important to certain agendas. Too many questions will be circling in our mind regarding this matter and the most important things, are we really caring and finding a solution on our part to help solved the problem. As small as upgrading ourselves at least if we are really care. What else can we do, we had an administrator who are more should aware of the situation and their responsibilities are high when been elected in an annual general meeting.  And well hoping that the “adat” section and the “gurulatih” section play a role to stop all this nonsense. As far as I know the hierarchy, should be the “adat”,the “gurulatih” and the administrator, not the other way around.

            Yes, there is a steps been organised by the organisation to upgrade the quality, such as organising an instructor courses or seminars and that is great. Sorry to say the feedback from the ground roots remarks that the seminar is not up to the standard, and this remarks came from the participants. What went wrong? Are we really prepared for these kind seminars and are we really can fulfilled all the desire.

             It is normal, there is always pro and con but no matter what is the comment we should not stop working to upgrade the quality and a solution should be made. Anyway I salute everyone who had put their effort to maintaining the quality of Silat Seni Gayong and to the administrator whether it is from “adat”, “gurulatih” and “pentadbiran” for their struggle for conveyed all the desire of the members in maintaining Silat Seni Gayong as the superior martial arts of the Malay and a guidance an example to other Malay martial arts. Cheers.

                                              Seni Gayong seni asli,
                                              Mainan oleh putera dan puteri,
                                              Mari kita kekalkan budaya ini,
                                              Agar seninya tetap berkualiti.

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