Sunday, August 5, 2012

Kekalkan Tradisi

When referring to the application on spiritual testing in Silat Seni Gayong in the heir days and at present they are great changes. Things that never been done or never made as a test has been add in it. It is good in a sense of knowledge but from my point of view without realising it we are leaving the traditional off slowly. The questions are what went wrong? Or is the knowledge that we had before faded from the hand of ours.

I still remember anywhere any place any time during the heir days when performing the demonstration, the normal spiritual ability or strength show are only, breaking huge log stone on the chest, jumping or rolling on a broken glass and bending the iron rod. Those are the few spiritual abilities only shown to the public. Beside that the testing also circling in hang, drives thru a vehicle on the hand, flip with a machete to the body and so on.

Flipping Machete To The Arm

Lately they add breaking a bottle full of water using the palm, which are never been seen or maybe taught by the founder as far as I am concern. Maybe I missed of learning that but I think I am not. The application of breaking a bottle full of water normally is by Kung Fu practitioners in most of their spiritual ability performance. Yes I do agreed it is knowledge and there is no harm or wrong doing it but the questions is the originality of the art itself that I am concerning at.

Walking on Hot Burning Charcoal

I would stress why we don’t show our way of the art although we have the capabilities to do various applications. That is the good part of it because with good Silat Seni Gayong training and understanding we can understand whatever kind or way of spiritual abilities no matter from what style.

In all Silat Seni Gayong spiritual abilities there applies the petua and ilmu and this is very significant in the Malay art of the warrior. I made an example here and hoping the readers will understand it. We choose one of Silat Seni Gayong spiritual abilities, bending the iron rod; the secret behind it lies on the iron rod itself and that what we call petua and the additional of ilmu were applied in understanding the origin of it. In the petua there are a point of gravity located on the rod and apply with versus of ilmu, the bending will be done perfectly.

Bending The Iron Rod

The difference between the Malay spiritual abilities testing is complying with the ilmu and petua, which I presumed petua is science and ilmu is spirituality. Another example, breaking the bottle full of water with hand palm, the water in the bottle will act as a tool moving the oxygen for greater reaction from the air blow form the hand .This reaction generate greater force that broke the bottle. A knowledge great to be known but it is not original Silat Seni Gayong spiritual application.

I am really hoping as a Silat Seni Gayong practitioner, we should hold on our original tradition without leaving others as our additional. We have so many spiritual abilities only a matter of knowing and seeking from a correct person who preserved this kind of secret.

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