Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tapak Gayong

            Whenever we started training Silat Seni Gayong we are featured on Tapak Gayong. Why is the term Tapak Gayong is so significant to the disciple of the art? Tapak Gayong can be defined as a step or movements for defending or securing an attack or a movement applied like an exercise for the practitioners to understand the concept and philosophy of the entire art in the martial defending systems.

Tapak Gayong In Seni Keris

             In Tapak Gayong there lies a movements or footwork as the Malay term it as Tapak Tiga. What is Tapak Tiga? Tapak Tiga can be means by footwork or steps that followed the concept of the pyramid or triangle position. No matter the position are, this concepts or philosophy of the foot will applied on any movements of application? Whether we are positioning ourselves sideways parallel or the other way around this Tapak Tiga plays a significant to any movements in defending or avoiding.

Tapak Tiga In Tapak Gayong

Tapak Tiga In Tapak gayong

Students Under training The Tapak Tiga In Tapak Gayong

             From this basic stepping the motion of the steps were be expended into another type of steps. What the most important here is one who really understands of the movements and the application in the whole of the entire defence method.

Tapak Gayong In Knee Position

            The application of Tapak Gayong really builds the confidence in applying the techniques consist of “Serangan Maut or Seramgan Harimau” either the” Seni Tapak Kunci Mati”.With a correct Tapak Gayong the used of hand and leg will be easy and application of this natural human weapons will ease in defending and accuracy of each movements.Those featured are expended in mastering the steps in the choreographed method as we term it as “Seni Tapak Kunci Hidup”. From there we can really identified the application of the steps are correctly apply in defending or avoiding from any angle of unexpected attack. In a presents of mastering this maybe take the whole life and that’s why a constant training are very important.

Tapak Gayong Securing A Seni Tapak Kunci mati

Tapak Gayong Application In Serangan Maut or Serangan Harimau

            Understanding Tapak Gayong and mastering the concept of the steps will create a terms as Silat Seni Gayong named it as “Seni”. What can be defined as seni? In the term of Silat Seni Gayong , seni  is an art of fine that cannot be described but only to feel off. For example with a correct seni langkah without much energy we can turned an attack, and the application of seni might be jeopardising the attacker.

            Tapak Gayong is such important in order to move further to the next round and is a guide for any practitioner in preparing their master ship in Silat Seni Gayong. Constant training without failed and a knowledge guide by the masters will create the quality of the next generations of Silat Seni Gayong. Therefore everyone must infuse the spirit of the warrior. Cheers.

                                            Tapak Gayong menjadi misteri,
                                            Dalam terang menjadi gelap,
                                            Gali lah gali sehingga menjadi,
                                            Agar seni tidak malap.

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