Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Super Combat- The Reveal

Starting with Tapak Gayong continued with Seni Gayong is a terms of understanding total philosophy of Gayong. In those two terms there are techniques name as Serangan Maut or Serangan Harimau and also known as combat. This movement of techniques taught the student on speed and time to react upon been attack and not to forget the timing and distance. After mastering those techniques they are brought over to a technique terms as Super Combat.

What is Super Combat? 

Super Combat is an art of striking which shows a high level of striking techniques. Why the definition does state such a remarks? The striking in Super Combat is advance techniques concentrate on agility, accuracy and destroy. It teaches agility in movement, agility in striking, agility in countering and agility in escaping. It strikes accurately to a vulnerable point to the body with a single blow. Those combinations will destroy the aggressor as quick as it can between 2 to 4 seconds.

As told to me the beginning stages the students are exposed to what it terms as combat. In the syllabubs of Silat Seni Gayong the techniques are taught in the category of Tapak Gayong. Why does the arrangement are in that manner? It is to prepare the student for an advance movement. With familiarisation of the application hoping that it will become easy when exposed the art of Super Combat which are in the category of Seni Gayong.
sekadar gambar hiasan

Most of the techniques taught in combat are just shown how to do a striking and are not explained where the striking should take place. For example in Combat one “Patah Dayong Nasi Hangit”, most of the time we view a strike to the back of the body and some time to the back of the neck and the moves continued. In Super Combat the strike should be point to a sinew situated near the ear leaf or in Malay it terms as “urat gila”. With a strike to this point in a single blow the aggressor will fainted. In Super Combat the time to end the aggression are important especially when countering with many numbers. With an experience and full knowledge the striking some time does not come with a strong blow but enough with a soft touch with a hand that has been lethal.

Another example in the art “Tarian Kuda Gila” , normally we just kick to the body and assumed that the blow is strong and it will stop the aggressor. Do we ever think if the aggressor is as tough as a Spanish Bull.? I remembered the late Dato  Meor mentioned, quote, “the bigger the better”. What does this mean? It means if we have the knowledge in striking or locking, application of the techniques doesn’t count the size. The kick should be to the west north about a quarter from the left of the rib on the chest. A blow to the point wills takedown the aggressor no matter how big is the size.

I would recommend for those who are really has the high enthusiastic of obtaining the art of Gayong seek and dig until the bowl of the knowledge is fill as per in the emblem assemble a picture of a Malay vase. What I share is through my experience during my time learning the knowledge of Gayong and the explanation and guidance by my beloved teacher and gladly to be shared here for the love of the art.

Semoga kita semua diberkati.


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