Thursday, February 24, 2011

" Tumbuk Bertapak " or Steeping Punch - The Hidden Method

         “ Tumbuk bertapak” or steeping punch is a movement where we have to step forward our feet while delivering a punch. It’s like walking, we move our feet before moving our hand. The nature concept applies in these movements. When steeping forward and while making that movement makes sure that we drag our feet to the next foot. The steeping continues with the leg that been drag whether left or right taking back the position in a forty five degree stances from the other leg. The punching should be applied when the foot is stop in each movement. The actions are performed simultaneously. At the end of the action the students are instructed to change into the opposite side. When performing the movement the body has to turn to the left if the feet in front are the right foot. The opposition applies depends on the front feet. The foot gyration are applies with the steeping forward as per the previous movement. Then the turned was made with a hand strike. These are the method of application when performing the movements. This movement is made easier when repeated many times.

"Tumbuk Bertapak"

          What make difficult is to understand the concept. When the understanding is well versed the movement will be orderly. What the hidden method that students should understand while performing this movement? The first thing that they have to understand is the way to move the leg. When making steps make sure we drag the leg to the other foot and deliver the punch on the next steps. Why do we have to drag the leg here? When dragging the leg without realising that we already have an avoiding step from attacking. That’s means in this movement there are avoiding techniques. And while steeping forward delivering a punch there are an attacking techniques. In a training these movement can be train with a partner to understand the concept of “ tumbuk bertapak” or steeping punch.

After The Turning

           How training with partners could be applied on these techniques? As usual you need a partner to do the attacking and you apply these movements as you perform alone in your training. Make sure when the attack been delivered drag your feet and steeping forward and delivered a punch. What else been the hidden techniques here? The next method is to understand the way of turning and delivering a strike. When making a turning to the opposite site the leg must be rotated whether to left or right depending on the front foot. When we make the turning there is already an avoiding techniques if an attack should comes from the rear. And that turning immediately applies with strike which it act like a block but actually it a strike. These steps can be trained with a partner to get it mastered.  Overall in these techniques there are avoiding and attacking methods which are very important to be understand to all Silat Seni Gayong practitioners. “ Patah Tumbuh Hilang Berganti”.

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